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Wildlife Fact:

In New Jersey, the only known northeastern beach tiger beetle population can be found at Gateway National Recreation Area at Sandy Hook.

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Media Contacts

We are always happy to talk to writers, reporters, bloggers and others interested in reporting on New Jersey’s rare wildlife and our efforts to protect it. Our experts are listed here.

Image of Osprey young are very visible in nests once they reach 3 weeks of age, which is typically in late June.Osprey young are very visible in nests once they reach 3 weeks of age, which is typically in late June. © Howie Williams
David Wheeler, Executive Director

Expertise: for general enquiries about New Jersey’s rare wildlife, our work to protect it and species status reports.

Contact: 609.292.1276 or Email

Stephanie Feigin, Wildlife Ecologist

Expertise: Bats, forest habitat protection, boy/girl scout programs.

Contact: 609.984.0621 or Email

Ben Wurst, Habitat Program Manager

Expertise: Ospreys, peregrine falcons, terrapins, injured birds, backyard habitats, and restoration projects.

Contact: 609.628.2103 or Email

Todd Pover, Beach Nesting Bird Project Manager

Expertise: Piping plover, least tern, black skimmer, American oystercatcher, beach management.

Contact: 609.628.0401 or Email

Larissa Smith, Assistant Biologist and Volunteer Manager

Expertise: Bald eagle project, shorebird stewards, volunteer projects.

Contact: 609.628.2103 or Email

Michael Davenport, Marine Species and GIS Programs Manager

Expertise: Marine mammals, mussels and other freshwater invertebrates, wildlife sightings.

Contact: 609.292.3795 or Email

Brian Henderson, GIS Specialist

Expertise: Wildlife and road issues, wildlife sightings.

Contact: 609.777.4136 or Email

Liz Silvernail, Director of Development

Expertise: Women and Wildlife and other special events.

Contact: 609.292.3707 or Email

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Special Concern

Image of dolphin thumb for widget

Learn about some of the newest species in decline in New Jersey. From the bottlenose dolphin to the fowler's toad, this special listing applies to a growing list of species. Learn ways to help these sensitive species in New Jersey.

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Adopt a Species

Image of Adopt Osprey - cropped Adopt today and help us protect rare and imperiled species in New Jersey.