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Camden Students Learn About New Jersey’s Rare Wildlife

February 20th, 2012

by Maria Grace, Education & Outreach Manager

Recently, I visited the 4th and 5th graders at ECO Charter School in Camden, NJ.  With plenty of wildlife specimens in hand, I talked to the students about NJ’s rare wildlife and why it is important to protect it.  I had fun interacting with these kids and they asked plenty of really good questions like “What does DDT stand for?” and “What do peregrine falcons eat?”.  I gave them a homework assignment – to share their newly discovered knowledge with their friends and family members, one of the most important things in protecting wildlife.  An easy lift, since each of these students participated in the Species on the Edge Art & Essay Contest and learned about one of NJ’s rare wildlife residents.

ECO Charter School 5th graders and their vibrant entries for the Species on the Edge Contest

Subaru of America generously sponsored the Species on the Edge Art & Essay Contest and specifically, they supported its expansion and promotion in Camden County, which notoriously had low participation.  Without Subaru’s support, I may not have been able to visit ECO Charter School and the students may not have found out about the contest nor chose to enter.  These students now have a better understand of the wildlife that shares our state with us.

CWF would like to thank all the sponsors of the Species on the Edge Art & Essay Contest:

PSEG, Church & Dwight, NJEA, Subaru of America, Verizon, and ShopRite.


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