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Ocean City 5th Graders Adopt a Bald Eagle….

June 16th, 2012

…and learn about threatened and endangered species.

by Larissa Smith; Biologist/Volunteer Manager

For the second year in a row  5th graders at the Ocean City Intermediate school adopted a species from the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ.   The 40 students are in two of  science teacher Mrs. Rosander’s  classes. They earned the money through chores and donations to adopt the Bald Eagle.  This year they chose to adopt a bald eagle which is one of the species that I work with so I was glad for the opportunity to talk about NJ eagles.

Students learned about threatened and endangered species as well as the NJ bald eagle project. The students asked a lot of great questions and I’m pretty sure they’ll now be on the look out for eagles!

Thank you to the students for their donation to CWF!


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