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  1. Tracey Pietrazk says:

    Don’t know what to do with this information, but according to this website, there are no American Burying Beetles – and I happen to find one today – in my kitchen! We live in Warwick, NY in a very wooded, lush environment between Mount Adam & Mount EVe.
    I am not sure what to do with this information – if anyone could refer me to where it may be documented, or, if it is just a lucky day for the beetle and I should be glad I saw it, and move on.
    I am not a collector, or anything like that, just a mom who appreciates living things – and this one looked so beautiful & unique!

    Ok – thanks-

  2. mariagrace says:

    Hi Tracy

    Please contact the NY Department of Conservation to notify them that you think you have discovered an American Burying Beetle. A photo would be awesome if you still have it located.

    Fish, Wildlife & Marine Resources
    625 Broadway
    Albany, NY 12233-4754

    Best of luck to you, Maria Grace

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