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Go Wild for Art!

March 7th, 2014

D & R Greenway exhibit brings wildlife to life

By Jen Smith, CWF Outreach Intern

Annelies van Dommelen, Q

Annelies van Dommelen, Q

The D&R Greenway Land Trust’s “Wild Creatures: 40 Years of Protecting Endangered Species” exhibit is being featured at the Johnson Education Center in Princeton, NJ.  It is a vivid art-viewing experience that celebrates the U.S. Endangered Species Act and the wildlife it has sought to protect since its inception.

But time is running out to catch this unique blend of science and art!

“The response to the exhibit has been overwhelmingly positive with visitors who are simultaneously delighted by the whimsical creatures, reverent of their noble struggle, and inspired by the recovery efforts undertaken across the globe to save them,” said Diana Moore, curator for the exhibit.

Eight local artists were featured for their work, including Tricia Zimic’s foreboding mobile entitled “A Cautionary Tale.” Henslow sparrows, a Bobolink, and a Peregrine Falcon struggle in an all-to-lifelike storm of fishing wire, plastic and debris. Annelies van Dommelon’s playful yet informative work is also not to be missed. Filling up an entire room with her breathtaking “Bestial Alphabet” viewers can glimpse the A to Z of creatures aided by the Endangered Species Act, many of those depicted being native to New Jersey. More than one viewer compared the exhibit to watching an Aesop’s Fables book come to life.

“This creative exhibit highlights just how special our wildlife is in New Jersey – and why so many species continue to need our protection,” noted David Wheeler, CWF Executive Director. “Each artist brings a unique vision to illustrating the challenges that so many wildlife species face, and to capturing the extraordinary beauty possessed by each species.”

D&R Greenway Land Trust’s mission is to preserve and protect the permanent network of lands they have ensured remain open spaces and to create conditions for a healthy and diverse environment to flourish. In creating public access to these open spaces, it is D&R’s goal and hope that people will develop a greater appreciation for the natural world, and be inspired by conservation ethics and education.  D&R President Linda Mead was honored this past December at Women & Wildlife by CWF for the Greenway’s leadership in protecting wildlife habitat in a region of the state that desperately needed that protection.

“Wild Creatures” will be running now through March 21st. The Johnson Education Center in Princeton, NJ is open 10am – 5pm on weekdays. You can call ahead for availability (609)-924-4646 or visit for more details and driving directions.

More information about Tricia Zimic’s artwork can be found at

Hurry now before this rare showcase comes to an end!

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One Response to “Go Wild for Art!”

  1. Dear Jen and David,

    Thank you so much for your hearty endorsement of “Wild Creatures”, our current art exhibition here at D&R Greenway Land Trust.

    You, of course, perfectly understand our mission with regard to all art shown here — calling people’s attention to nature and preservation and demonstrating that they are inseparable. We also remind guests of the essentiality of nature to artists. Working toward our themed exhibits intensifies realization of the importance of nature for artists and for our Poets of Preservation.

    The next exhibition, our first juried show, had 400 submissions. Its theme is “Oasis and Mirage — Disappearing Water.” This subject, also, is critical to our wild creatures. Hope you will come and enjoy it (March 23 – May 21). Your eloquence is greatly appreciated.

    Carolyn Foote Edelmann (NJWILDBEAUTY and NJ WILD Nature Blogs)
    Community Relations Associate, D&R Greenway Land Trust

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