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Shorebird Week: Iconic Red knot B95 Resighted on the Delaware Bay

July 10th, 2014

by Stephanie Feigin, CWF Program Coordinator

This marks the second story in Shorebird Week! Our first blog post, on Tuesday, introduced the film “A Race Against Time” and directed you to a free viewing of the film on our website. Today’s blog post, will highlight an incredible news story about a resighting of the iconic Red knot B95 on the Delaware Bay! And tomorrow’s blog post, will highlight volunteer’s incredible efforts to save stranded horseshoe crabs!

This story highlights the iconic Red knot, B95, being resighted on the Delaware Bay. B95, nicknamed Moonbird, is at least 20 years old, which makes him the oldest Red knot on record. He received his nickname because he has flown the equivalent of the distance between the earth and the moon and at least halfway back in his lifetime.

Iconic Red knot shorebird B95

Iconic Red knot shorebird B95

One of Conserve Wildlife Foundation’s partners, Manomet Center for Conservation Science, highlights this bird in an fascinating news story about his resighting and the research efforts being done by the CWF biologist Dr. Larry Niles and Amanda Dey, senior biologist with the Endangered and Non-game Species Division of N.J. Fish and Wildlife and their team to restore the Delaware Bay.

To read this news story, click here

For more information on CWF’s Shorebird project and the research being done, visit our website.

And make sure to check out the film about CWF’s efforts to restore the Delaware Bay Shore beaches, “A Race Against Time” as well!

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