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November 13th, 2017

CWF Volunteers Are Wildlife Heroes

NJ Osprey Project Volunteers Wayne Russell, Matt Tribulski and John King repair an osprey platform.

New Jersey ospreys have headed for warmer climates until their return in the spring. NJ osprey project volunteers are busy repairing and cleaning out nests, adding predator guards and perches in preparation for the nesting season.  It’s an endless job as there are 100’s of nesting platforms throughout the state and maintenance is always needed. These repairs keep the nests as safe as possible for the nesting ospreys.

Thank you to all the dedicated CWF volunteers!


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3 Responses to “Photo From The Field”

  1. Lisa Kennedy says:

    Thanks for sharing this great picture. And thanks to the volunteers!
    Looking forward to seeing the nests inhabited again next Spring! Could you let me know where the nesting platforms are in general (in NJ). I’m in Montclair and have followed the Forsythe osprey web cam with great interest this year. Thanks.

  2. Ben says:

    Hey Lisa, Thanks for support! You can view the locations of all known osprey nests in New Jersey (and worldwide) on Osprey Watch:

  3. Lisa Kennedy says:

    Thanks Ben. Fantastic website – Could spend all day checking out all the nests out there!

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