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July 11th, 2019

July 9, 2019 @Randy Lubischer

Eagle Project volunteer Randy Lubischer captured this amusing photo of a recent eagle fledge from Monmouth County, being harassed by an Eastern kingbird. In the photo below it looks like the much smaller bird is hitching a ride.

July 9, 2019@Randy Lubischer

6 Responses to “Photo From The Field”

  1. Janice King says:

    Stairway to Heaven.

  2. Jill Brown says:

    That is a great picture! It needs to be entered in a photo contest! Thanks for sharing Larissa

  3. Barb McKee says:

    Wonderful photo! Talk about a risky “ride”!! Beautiful fledgling learning a life lesson: sometimes you just can’t get someone off your back!

  4. Becky says:

    We loved seeing this and shared the link and tagged you on our facebook page. We asked people for captions. I think my favorite is “Hey you’re not my Uber driver!” and “NO! Your other right!” Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Frank Budney says:

    This young Bald Eagle was lucky to only have an Eastern Kingbird hanging on for a “free” ride. What occurred at the State Line Hawk Watch, Alpine, NJ, On 9-April-2018 at 1530 hrs, was an unbelievable tragedy.
    Witnessed by hawk watcher Bill Tonner, a female Peregrine Falcon attacked and killed a juvenile Bald Eagle it believed was headed toward the peregrine’s nesting site. The peregrine made three attacks to ward off the eagle but on the fourth attack, the peregrine struck the eagle’s head and it fell lifeless to the Hudson River.

  6. Rose M Joy says:

    Great capture Randy!

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