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April 19th, 2020

Happy Volunteer Appreciation Week, April 19-25

Many of our projects have depended on the hard work and dedication of volunteers for years. While some activities have been scaled back this year to keep everyone safe and comply with COVID 19 restrictions, our appreciation is stronger than ever.

From monitoring eagles nests to helping salamanders cross the street on rainy Spring nights, volunteering is a labor of love.  This week we’ll be celebrating our volunteers by sharing their stories, photos and experiences here on our blog and on social media. (Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

We’re kicking off the week with some personal words of gratitude from two of our biologists, Larissa Smith and Allegra Mitchell.

Larissa Smith presents at a Bald Eagle Project volunteer meeting.

“The volunteers I work with are amazing. They are dedicated and just a real pleasure to work with while helping to protect NJ species. I can never thank them enough. Last year our Bald Eagle Project volunteers logged 3,250 hours & 31,282 miles monitoring nests all over the state.” – Larissa Smith, Wildlife Biologist and Bald Eagle Project manager

“Our dedicated Amphibian Crossing Project volunteers save thousands of lives each year, directly impacting the future of several of New Jersey’s at-risk and incredible amphibian species. Our enthusiastic Kauffeld’s Calling Frogs volunteers have already discovered about 15 new Atlantic Coast leopard frog populations throughout the state in just the few short years that this program has been active. Without these amazing citizen scientists, CWF’s amphibian research and conservation efforts would not be nearly as successful as they are. Thank you to all of our volunteers!” – Allegra Mitchell, Wildlife Biologist and Amphibian Crossing manager. 

Stay tuned throughout the week to hear from our volunteers and celebrate the work they do for wildlife.

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One Response to “Wild for Volunteers”

  1. Mary Jane Horner says:

    Red and I are in our 26th season as WCC members. While, throughout our adult lives, each of us has served in different capacities, the most meaningful volunteer experiences have been with the WCC. There have been joyous times (holding bald eagle chicks) and sad times but always good times spent with ENSP staff and others. When we started monitoring eagles and their nests several years back, there were not many nests or volunteers which made for a close knit group. As such, we all knew each other and were able to get together more often. Sadly, with so many eagles and so many volunteers that is no longer possible but, on the bright side, that’s a good thing. We will always treasure these years and all of the eagles and human friends we have met along the way. Must say, though, with no offense to the humans, the eagles have been the BEST! We do hope to continue for a while longer, can’t imagine life without the “big birds”. Thanks to all who made it possible!

    Red and Mary Jane Horner

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