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Stay Strong for Wildlife – All Donations Doubled

April 21st, 2020

Wildlife needs our help more than ever. Right now, your gift will make twice the difference.

Photo by Northside Jim

More than ever before, we’re seeking comfort and reassurance from the nature around us. The pandemic – and the social restrictions in place – certainly test our resolve, but they also reveal how our connections to the natural world can bring us hope. 

Nature moves ever forward – and in doing so, shows us a path of resilience and optimism against daunting odds.  

Spring has always been our busiest time of the year at Conserve Wildlife Foundation. Our scientists and volunteers trek through the saltmarshes and swamps, the forests and fields to survey and protect wildlife. Vulnerable species focus only on migration or nurturing their young – the coronavirus means nothing to them. But for us, it threatens all that we do. 

Our biologists’ work on the front lines of saving wildlife is very much in jeopardy. Programs and events have been cancelled. Educational programs have stopped or moved online. Donations have slowed. Foundation and corporate grants are on hold. Yet, to the greatest extent possible – now and in the future – our essential work must continue.

Otherwise we risk losing decades of gathering crucial field data that informs our understanding of the health and viability of New Jersey wildlife. For many species, losing a year of our support could result in seeing them vanish forever.

Thankfully, a generous group of supporters has stepped forward to provide $20,000 to match any gift we receive to protect New Jersey’s wildlife this season. Your donation – whether $10 or $1,000 – will be worth double the amount you give. 

Together, we can ensure that wildlife populations continue to recover in New Jersey. We will combat habitat loss, climate change, pollution, and disease because so many species are counting on us. 

We look to the skies, now more than ever, to be inspired by the incredible recovery of our bald eagles, peregrine falcons, and osprey. But so many of our other species like red knots, piping plovers, and bog turtles are still struggling to survive.

CWF remains determined to do everything we can to carry out our mission to preserve at-risk wildlife in New Jersey. That’s why, even during this pandemic, we must ask for your financial support.

We are the protectors of the rare wildlife around us, and we must protect it.

Please donate now, when your gift will be matched dollar for dollar, to support our scientists’ and educators’ important work.

Thank you to everyone who is enjoying the variety of compelling wildlife stories, education lessons, videos, webcams, and podcasts on our website and following us on social media @wildlifenj. We are happy to bring wildlife inside your home and hope you’ll donate today, if you can.

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