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CWF in the News: Amphibians on the move!

March 29th, 2021

by Ethan Gilardi, Wildlife Biologist

Spring Peeper hops on a data sheet at Waterloo Road during an amphibian migration rescue event. © Kelly Triece

As the days warm and the gloom of Winter subsides, a symphony swells in the damp woods of New Jersey.

This chorus of spring peepers, wood frogs, and other amphibians means that Spring is here and the amphibian mating season has begun. As they emerge from hibernation, frogs and toads hop and sing, while salamanders slither and march to their breeding grounds. While this journey is typically only a few hundred feet long, it can be full of peril!

The roads which fragment the natural habitat in our state act as a deadly barrier between the Winter hideaways of our resident amphibians and their Spring breeding pools.

So what’s an amphibian to do?

Michelle S. Byers of New Jersey Conservation Foundation recently connected with CWF executive director David Wheeler to talk about the lives of New Jersey amphibians, CWF’s Amphibian Crossing Project, and what else we’re doing to help our slimy friends.

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