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The BatCam Bats are Back!

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016
Watch a Family of Bats LIVE on Conserve Wildlife Foundation’s BatCam

by: Stephanie Feigin, Wildlife Ecologist

BatCam Bats

Juvenile big brown bat that was banded last year has returned to the roost!

Early April 2016, the BatCam bats returned to their roost in the window of the Williams’ home. As of now, it seems that only part of the colony has returned — about 20 big brown bats.


Last year CWF’s Stephanie Feigin and ENSP’s MacKenzie Hall banded the BatCam bats. We banded a total of 48 bats, about half of the bats banded were adults (banded with silver bands) and the others were juveniles (banded with red bands). This has allowed us to now see that some of the returning bats were banded last year. We even have some juveniles that have returned to the roost with their moms from last year!


Make sure to stay tuned for when the moms give birth to their pups in June and other updates throughout the season!


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Stephanie Feigin is the Wildlife Ecologist for Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey.

Read All About It: Newsworthy BatCam Big Brown Bats

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

By: Lindsay McNamara, Communications CoordinatorStephanieBatCamABC7

BatCam, the live-action camera that captures a colony of big brown bats living in a family home in Flemington, received plenty of media attention this week. BatCam is hosted on Conserve Wildlife Foundation‘s website, thanks to the Williams family.

The bats’ unusual choice of a summer roost has given this family a unique peek at their lives, from knowing exactly when the bats return from hibernation each spring, to watching them give birth and care for their pups though the summer.

The bats also caught the attention of New Jersey media. Read about the colony of big brown bats:

Learn more about Conserve Wildlife Foundation’s work to help protect NJ’s bat population:

Lindsay McNamara is the Communications Coordinator for Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey.