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Support Wildlife – and Protect People – with Our New Face Masks!

Wednesday, August 26th, 2020

by Milena Bimpong

Habitat Program Manager Ben Wurst wearing the black CWF mask.

Though few people had these on their shopping lists at the start of 2020, face masks have become arguably the most important way to stay healthy for New Jerseyans in the face of COVID-19.

Conserve Wildlife Foundation is now offering attractive and durable masks featuring our falcon-themed logo, so you can protect yourself – and protect wildlife at the same time!

Our face masks can be purchased here at $10.00 per mask.

CWF masks come in three colors: black or navy with a white CWF logo, or white with a black CWF logo. They are made of cotton and are three-ply, which makes wearing this mask very comfortable. The CWF logo is displayed on the right side of each mask. With a simple design and soft material, these masks are a convenient way to not only protect yourself and others, but also to show support for CWF. 


National Geographic covers CWF horseshoe crab work in Delaware Bay

Tuesday, July 7th, 2020

by Carrie Arnold – National Geographic

An Atlantic horseshoe crab lies on the beach in Stone Harbor, New Jersey, not far from Delaware Bay. Photograph by Joel Sartore.

National Geographic’s Carrie Arnold recently wrote about the role horseshoe crabs and their “special” blood are set to play in the creation of a COVID-19 vaccine. She spoke with CWF partner Larry Niles about the horseshoe crab’s importance to the health of the Delaware Bay and what this means for the bay’s future.

Check out the excerpt below and read the full article on National Geographic!

Each spring, guided by the full moon, hundreds of thousands of horseshoe crabs clamber onto beaches across the U.S. mid-Atlantic to lay their eggs. For hungry birds, it’s a cornucopia. For drug companies, it’s a crucial resource for making human medicines safe.