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Why are You Thankful for New Jersey’s Wildlife?

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

By: Lindsay McNamara, Communications Coordinator


This holiday season, Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey asked our friends, supporters and volunteers, What is special about NJ’s wildlife to you? Why are you thankful for New Jersey’s wildlife? Friends of wildlife shared their thoughts by tweeting us, leaving us a comment on our Facebook page or sending us an email at We encouraged everyone to use:  #thanksnjwildlife 
Here is a collection of some of the responses we received:

Bill Nigh on Twitter shared that “wildlife gives me perspective.”

Judy Floam wrote over e-mail, “I only spend one week a year in New Jersey (at the beach) but I love to watch the gulls and sandpipers, and go on seine netting expeditions at Island Beach State Park.”

“Why are we thankful for New Jersey’s wildlife? Each and every creature is special to us although the coyote and the bats have a special place in our hearts. We’re grateful to the bats for keeping insect pests at bay and enjoy watching them leave their roost at dusk. Amazing. The coyotes are very musical and we appreciate their part in balancing nature. We’re grateful that the staff and volunteers at Conserve Wildlife work diligently to protect natural habitats. Thank you!”
— Joe & Linda Jedju shared through e-mail.

“Is this really New Jersey? It’s a question I have asked myself numerous times while living in NJ but never so much as over the last three years. It was three years ago that we purchased a small house on a lake in Sussex County. The waters of the lake are pristine and they teem with beavers, herons, numerous waterfowl, and too many different fish to mention. We watch amazing sunsets over the Appalachian Trail. We sit awe struck as foxes and bears routinely traverse our yard. Hummingbirds and beautiful finches occupy our yard and the wildflowers that grow there. We have watched as Bald Eagles circle high above and slowly spiral down to snatch a fish from the surface of the lake. We have sat in the cool evenings and watched the Milky Way appear as a swath of white across a darkening night sky. We watch as some of our endangered friends the bats dance crazy patterns in the night air, feasting on insects. Is this really NJ? Is it the stereotype of landfills, factories, pollution, and exits on the Parkway? Most definitely not! The rich diversity of animal and plant life leave us awe struck on a daily basis. I could also go on and on about our beautiful shoreline, Island Beach State Park, the Pine Barrens, and numerous other ecosystems that make our state so incredible. NJ’s amazing Wildlife is not limited to amusement parks and bars!
David Claeys shared his story over e-mail.

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Lindsay McNamara is the Communications Coordinator for Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey.