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Ava Vaughn, Bobby's Run School

Burlington County

Image of First Place, Burlington County, OspreyFirst Place, Burlington County, Osprey (c) Ava Vaughn


Please help me and my kind. We are Ospreys and we are endangered. We need your assistance in order to survive.

We Ospreys are often called fish hawks, or Raptors, or birds of prey that live in New Jersey, along the Atlantic and Delaware Bay coast and other states along the Atlantic coastline. You can identify us by looking for the white and brown feathers that we have all over us and while in flight, resemble an M shape. I said we love fish, right? We really do. I love to dive into the surf of the ocean to catch a slippery, yummy fish in my long, black talons. Fish are simply delicious to us, but if we can’t get fish, we’ll settle for small mammals instead.

Another interesting fact about us is that we can have 2-4 eggs that eventually hatch asynchronously into adorable little chicks that need 8-10 fish every day for growth. Once we proud parents know that our little children can fly and get their own food, we let them go out on their own and become free Ospreys!

Oh, you want to learn more about us, huh? You’re a curious human! We’re willing to tell you more. I mentioned that fish are slippery, right? I bet you’re wondering how we catch them then. We can move our talons into many positions to get a good grasp on our delectable dinners.

One more thing, I bet you’re wondering where we like to make our comfy nests. Well, we like to make them high up in trees, utility poles, or nesting platforms next to fish. These poles are perfect! Since we are endangered, you can help by going on websites like Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ. Also, please stop using those disgusting pesticides and don’t destroy our habitats with water pollution and contaminated fish!

I hope this is enough information for you, human. I can’t talk anymore. I have to go catch dinner!

Written by: Ava Vaughn

Bobby’s Run School, Lumberton

Teacher: Ms. Sandra Carver