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Directions to Sedge Island Ecotour

Directions to Island Beach State Park and Sedge Island boat dock

Please note that the parking and the boat dock is roughly 8 miles from the main gate. Please plan your time accordingly – it will take an additional 10 to 15 minutes to reach the parking area, once you arrive at the park gate.

Image of Ann Street School Field Trip
  1. Take the Garden State Parkway to Exit 82 for Route 37 East / Toms River / Seaside.
  2. Follow Route 37 East toward Seaside Park. Cross over bridge.
  3. Bear right onto Route 35 South going toward Island Beach State Park. Follow to Island Beach State Park entrance and tollbooths. Arrive between 8:30 and 8:45AM in case of heavy summer traffic.
  4. Drive up to Island Beach State Park tollbooths – Go to the LEFT HAND tollbooth.
  5. When you arrive at the left hand tollbooth, inform the staff person that you are going to Sedge Island, across from parking area A-21. You should not be required to pay the park entrance fee.
  6. After going through the tolls, drive for approx. 8 mi. to parking area A-21 (it comes up on your left very soon after you pass the Interpretive Center).
  7. When you get to the A-21 parking area, turn LEFT into the parking area to park. Take all supplies that you will need for the day.

    Image of Jahvin T. and Ellie J. rake for clams in Barnegat Bay.Zoom+ Jahvin T. and Ellie J. rake for clams in Barnegat Bay. Alissa Pazienza

  8. DIRECTLY ACROSS from the A-21 parking area entrance is a sand road that you need to walk down. It is about ¼ mile walk and should take 5 minutes. It should be marked “Boat Launch/Winter Anchorage”.
  9. After 100 yards, take the LEFT fork marked “Official Vehicles Only”. (If you go straight, you will go to the wrong boat dock.)
  10. Go another 100 yards and turn RIGHT into the small parking lot at the dock. (If the road gets very sandy and overgrown you have gone too far.)
  11. Sedge Island and CWF staff will meet you at the boat dock.

Parking Lot A-21, Sedge Island