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Wednesday, January 22nd 2020

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Kauffeld’s Calling Frogs Citizen Science Monitoring Project


Time & Place

6 PM
NJ School of Conservation, Sandyston, New Jersey

More Information

Allegra Mitchell | Email | Map

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In 2012, a new species of frog was discovered in Staten Island. Like many amphibians, the Atlantic Coast leopard frog (lithobates kauffeldi, named after the late renowned herpetologist Carl Kauffeld) faces habitat loss, disease, and pollution.

Be part of the discovery! Help biologists locate the Atlantic Coast leopard frog throughout New Jersey. In order to understand the threats facing this species, biologists need your help to find out where it lives.

Learn about this new frog species and its habitat and practice identifying its unique mating call. Training sessions will also discuss threats to amphibian conservation throughout the state. After training, citizen scientists will go out into the field during the mating season in early spring to collect data for a statewide effort to find out where this species lives.

No experience required. Training and data collection materials will be provided. Registration is required, contact Allegra Mitchellto register.

NJ School of Conservation (Long House – the red building on the right with a statue and flag pole out front, please park on the left side of the road by the woods).


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