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Tuesday, April 24th 2018

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Vernal Pool Walk at Waterloo Village


Time & Place

Waterloo Historical Village, Waterloo Road, Byram NJ

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When the first early spring rains come, thousands of salamanders, frogs, and toads emerge from their winter slumber. They make short, stealthy migrations through the forest to breed and lay their eggs in vernal pools.

We’ll take a flat ¼-mile walk to a vernal pool (½ mile round-trip) to explore an ecosystem that most people will never see! Guaranteed to be blasted by the songs of Spring Peepers and to discover salamander eggs, fairy shrimp, and other unique creatures as evening sets in. Learn how locals are helping protect Waterloo’s amphibian and other big plans in the works!

The experience is free and family-friendly. Participants must register. Please RSVP to Waterloo Village at 973-347-1835.

Bring your own flashlight and wear clean rubber boots! We will be exploring along the edge of the pool- so dress to stay dry and warm! Sun will set around 8:00 pm, so the woods will be dark on our way out.


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