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Thursday, April 4th 2019

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Peregrine Falcon Project Presentation


Time & Place

6:30 PM
Tuckerton Seaport Hunting Shanty

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What are the fastest animals in the world? Cheetahs, pronghorns, hummingbirds? None of those come even close to the peregrine falcon, which can hit speeds of over 200 mph in a dive. The next meeting of the Southern Ocean Birding Group, on Thursday, April 4, at 6:30 p.m. at the hunting shanty in the Tuckerton Seaport, features a program on “The Peregrine Falcon Project,” presented by Ben Wurst, habitat program manager for Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey.

Admission is free; light refreshments will be served.

Wurst works closely with biologists with the state Endangered and Nongame Species Program to help monitor the peregrine falcon population in New Jersey. Peregrines were basically extinct east of the Mississippi River until they were reintroduced in New Jersey years ago. Each winter the CWF conducts maintenance on nesting towers, and in spring and summer they monitor nest sites for activity. There is even a nesting pair that live on Long Beach Island.

Wurst is responsible for identifying and enhancing degraded wildlife habitat, and he helps manage and protect ospreys as part of the N.J. Osprey Project. He received a B.S. in environmental science with emphasis in wildlife conservation from Unity College in 2004.

He also works on a variety of other conservation projects that include bald eagles and northern diamondback terrapins.


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