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Breeding success of ospreys relies heavily on food supply and males ability to catch prey.


2007 Honorees

In 2007, Kathy Clark and Amy S. Greene were presented with a Women & Wildlife Award for their work, the advances they have made for women in their professions and the contributions they have made to New Jersey’s wildlife. Awards are made for Leadership and Inspiration.

Kathy Clark

Leadership Award
Image of Kathy Clark handles an osprey nestling as she prepares to place a leg band on it for future tracking. She has been instrumental in the recovery of the bald eagle, osprey, and peregrine falcon in the state since the early 1980s.Zoom+ Kathy Clark handles an osprey nestling as she prepares to place a leg band on it for future tracking. She has been instrumental in the recovery of the bald eagle, osprey, and peregrine falcon in the state since the early 1980s. © Doug Wechsler/VIREO

Kathy Clark is a Supervising Zoologist with the Endangered and Nongame Species Program in New Jersey's Division of Fish and Wildlife. Kathy is the leader of the program's osprey project and has been instrumental in the recovery of the bald eagle in the state since the early 1980's. She also heads the peregrine falcon project that has, under her leadership, re-established a stable breeding population of peregrines in New Jersey and has seen peregrines return to historic areas along the Hudson River. Her impact on wildlife can be seen from the Delaware bayshore to the Palisades and many areas in between.

Kathy has a B.S. in Natural Resource Management from Rutgers University Cook College and an M.S. in Wildlife Management from West Virginia University. She has worked for the Division of Fish and Wildlife since 1984 and is a recognized leader in reintroduction of species and recovery of populations.

As a key member of the Endangered and Nongame Species Program, Kathy oversees the Delphi Review process that determines the status of rare species and promotes this methodology through publications and presentations.

Kathy is admired for her physical endurance and persistence with her fieldwork, but also for her patience, knowledge, determination, and professional and positive attitude that she exhibits while doing it. Acknowledged by all for her quiet strength, Kathy Clark has lead many young biologists to a career in wildlife conservation.

Amy S. Greene

Inspiration Award

Amy Greene is President and owner of Amy S. Greene Environmental Consultants, Inc. She has over 30 years of experience in the environmental field and is recognized as an expert in the field of wetland science, environmental permitting, natural resources inventory, terrestrial and aquatic ecological studies including endangered and threatened species surveys, and environmental impact assessment. She has extensive working knowledge in a broad range of Federal, state and local environmental regulations.

Image of Amy Greene holds a red tailed hawk.Zoom+ Amy Greene holds a red tailed hawk. Image courtesy of Amy Greene

Receiving a B.A. in Biology from Boston University and an M.S. in Ecology from Rutgers University, Amy began her career in environmental education as a park naturalist at the Essex County Park Commission Center for Environmental Studies. She worked as an Environmental Scientist at other environmental consulting firms for ten years prior to founding her company in 1986 as a sole proprietorship. She started the business in 1987 and now has 25 employees with offices in Flemington, New Jersey and New Cumberland, Pennsylvania.

Amy frequently volunteers her time to present seminars on environmental topics including wetlands, endangered species, and environmental impact statements. For several years she has presented a seminar on wetlands and related topics including the NJ Highlands regulations at the annual Land Surveyor’s Convention in Atlantic City. She is certified as a Professional Wetland Scientist by the Society of Wetland Scientists in 1995 and as a Certified Senior Ecologist by the Ecological Association of America.

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