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Our Photographers

Learn about the photographers who contributed photos to our online field guide and website.

Image of Black-crowned night heron.Zoom+ Black-crowned night heron. © Steve Byland

In the development of our new website we knew we had great photos of us working with New Jersey's rare wildlife. What we needed were photos of all the 73 endangered and threatened species listed in New Jersey. We started our search with some of our closest contacts and our volunteers. We then turned to Flickr and started asking around and had great responses from our requests to use many different photographers images. To help tell the stories of the wildlife we try to protect, we need bold images. The list of photogaphers below allowed us to display their photographs to help convey our mission and educate the public about the wonderful biodivsersity we have in such a small state.

We hope you enjoy the photos on our website as much as we do!

Steve Byland
Image of about us - Steve Byland

Steve has been an avid bird watcher for most of his life and has gotten more serious about photography in the past few years. His favorite subjects are birds and other wild animals, which he trys to capture in some sort of interesting behavior. Steve is recently retired from his job as an accountant. He now spends most of his time photographing wildlife and has begun selling his work to supplement his income.

George Cevera

George is an avid volunteer who is focused on reptile and amphibian conservation efforts. George became interested in photography from participating in the HERP ATLAS project for the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife's Endangered and Nongame Species Program. He uses his photography to illustrate why rare species need protection.

Ken Connelly

Ken has been interested in photography for thirty years. Ken grew up, watching his dad take photos. He began focusing on nature and wildlife photography in 2006 after he saw a red-tailed hawk make a landing in his backyard. He enjoys photographing raptors, or birds of prey. Ken contributed photos of bald eagles and ospreys for our website.

To view more of Ken's photos, check out his Photostream on Flickr.

Herb Houghton

Herb is a self taught nature and wildlife photographer. He has spent most of his life in New Jersey, but has also traveled up and down the east coast from Maine to Florida. Herb specializes in avian photography, especially birds of prey, and has been an avid bird lover since childhood. Besides photographing avian species, he also enjoys photographing all kind of wildlife and picturesque landscape scenes. Herb occasionally dabbles in macro insect photography as well.

Check out some of Herb's work on his website.

Brett Klaproth

Brett lives in Sayreville and began photographing local wildlife with a small Kodak digital in 2004. In April of 2009 he began working with a Canon 40D and 100-400 IS zoom and finds carrying the larger equipment much more satisfying. "Strangers find me much more interesting with a big lens in my hand."

Brett manages some nice images despite being color-blind, rarely getting out of bed before 9 AM, and only knowing what about 5 or 6 of the controls on his camera do. He has done some of his finest work without a memory card.

Check out Brett's Photostream on Flickr.

Northside Jim
Image of Northside Jim helps to raise awareness of Jersey Shore wildlife through his blog Readings From the Northside.Zoom+ Northside Jim helps to raise awareness of Jersey Shore wildlife through his blog Readings From the Northside.

Northside Jim is a self described "beach bum with a camera" from Long Beach Island, New Jersey. He strongly believes that coastal wildlife is the undervalued crown jewel of the Jersey Shore so he works tirelessly to get more people to agree with him. He uses a camera to experience, to learn about, and to share stories about LBI's creatures on his blog Readings From The Northside. His purpose is to help people see the natural wonders all around them that they normally don't see, to help give them answers to questions they may have but can't find answers to, and to help share a perspective that makes the natural world a high priority in coastal living. As a natural result of his enjoyment of coastal wildlife, particularly endangered species, he has a strong interest in conservation. He enjoys promoting the work of the CWFNJ and hopes to make them better known and more highly regarded in the state than Bruce Springsteen.

Robert Lin
Image of about us - Robert Lin

Robert Lin is an amateur wildlife photographer. He has a passion for capturing a moment in time with any species that would share that moment with him. He was born in Ohio but raised in New Jersey including obtaining a Natural Resource Management degree from Rutgers University.

Birds are his main obsession but he won’t pass on any other interesting living subject that may wander by his way. To view more of Rob's photography, check out his Photostream on Flickr.

Eric C. Reuter
Image of about us - eric R.

Eric is a longtime resident of the New Jersey shore, and enjoys exploring the tidal marshes, shore and surrounding Pine Barrens wilderness in search of new and interesting subjects to photograph. He spent almost 30 years working as systems analyst and then senior manager of High Performance and Scientific Computing for a large pharmaceutical company. In addition, during that time, he also worked for 15 years as a level designer for computer and video games, including some well known, major titles for the PC. In recent months he left the world of IT and devoted all of his time to writing and photography. Eric doesn't miss his former career at all.

Eric was always interested in science and nature. He bought his first real camera, (a Nikkormat FT3), at age 17. He has always had a fascination and appreciation for nature, science and the world around me. At 18 years of age, he had his own makeshift darkroom, and was processing black and white film and developing prints of anything and everything. His love of photography never waned, and the advent of high quality digital cameras opened up a whole new world of opportunity, no longer constrained by the limits of film.

Eric can usually be found at the Edwin B. Forsythe NWR in Oceanville, NJ, at the Barnegat Light State Park, or at his cabin on a lake in the Catskill Mountains of New York State.

"There is nothing on Earth to me that is more liberating and more uplifting than to witness the beauty and diversity of the natural world, to be a part of it, and to capture it with my camera."

Check out more of Eric's work on his Flickr Photostream

Blaine J. Rothauser
Image of Blaine Rothauser

Blaine Rothauser is Principal of BR Environmental, LLC, an environmental consulting firm based out of Florham Park, New Jersey. His occupation as a conservation biologist takes him around the state where he has been interfacing with New Jersey’s unique natural history for most of his adult life. He has developed and implemented conservation management plans for municipalities and private land holders throughout the state and has provided the private sector, non-profit organizations, and environmental consulting companies with ecological assessments, wetland evaluation, and threatened and endangered species studies.

A professional wildlife photographer and nature writer, Blaine’s photographs and words have graced the pages of magazines, newsletters, exhibits, and books, whose main focus has always been New Jersey’s incredible biodiversity. As a biologist, naturalist, and lecturer, he runs a series of presentations on Natural History and Photography that he presents to schools, colleges, civic groups, environmental committees and corporations.

Blaine has lived his entire life in Florham Park and resides there still with his wife Lucy and two sons Corey and Dillon. He currently chairs the Florham Park Environmental Commission. View more of Blaine's photography as well as his articles and services on his Website.

Ken Schneider
Image of about us - Ken S.

Ken is a retired physician who grew up and began his practice in New Jersey, got drafted and had a career in the US Public Health Service, A lifelong birder, he retired with his wife, Mary Lou, to the mountains of New Mexico, where they led bird walks at Rio Grande Nature Center and the US Forest Service. They instituted a cooperative feeding program for rosy-finches at Sandia Crest, NM that has developed into a major rosy-finch banding and research program. More recently they moved to South Florida, and are working there to create a Bald Eagle sanctuary to protect this species' first active nest in Broward County since DDT was abolished in the 1970s. They now migrate to a second home in northern Illinois. Ken took up photography two years ago and enjoys finding beauty in birds and nature close to home.

View more of Ken's work on his Photostream on Flickr, his Website (includes links to forums on rosy-finches and the local eagle nest), and his blog.

Brian Zarate

Straight out of Bedminster, New Jersey, Brian is a zoologist with the NJDEP’s Endangered and Nongame Species Program, after spending several of his best years working with CWF beginning in 2003. His work today revolves around the management of several of the state’s rare reptiles and amphibians.

Born and raised in Somerset County, Brian spent most of his youth engaged in competitive sports and outdoor pursuits. It wasn’t until a part-time job during college at a local camera shop that he gained an appreciation for photography and wasted many rolls of film capturing images of clouds and tree bark. After using his first 2 megapixel digital camera to take some habitat photos for the state’s vernal pool field guide, Brian became hooked and later amassed his own collection of cameras, lenses, and accessories that he drags around with him across the map.

Check out Brian's work on his Photostream on Flickr.

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