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Thank You to the NJ Bald Eagle Project Volunteers

August 27th, 2010

2010 Eagle project volunteer get-together. © Larissa Smith

by Larissa Smith Volunteer Coordinator & Biologist

Every year starting in the late fall/early winter the bald eagle project volunteers start to monitor their eagle pairs. This dedicated group of 60 volunteers monitors each nest at least once a week during the nesting season which goes into July.  Observers record all data including number of birds, courtship or nesting behaviors, incubation, feeding, hatching and fledging. Volunteers notify CWF/ENSP staff immediately if any unusual or threatening activities are seen around the nest site.  The eagle project volunteers are the eyes and ears of the program.  They form relationships with landowners, neighbors and educate the public about eagles in NJ.

Eagle project volunteer Roger Smith shows off the new eagle project t-shirt © Larissa Smith

So far in 2010, 23 eagle project volunteers have reported volunteering at total of 1,312 hours!  This is a significant amount of time and will increase as more volunteers report their hours for the year.

On Saturday August 21st a get-together was held for the eagle project volunteers. Not only was this a way to thank volunteers it also  gave them the opportunity to discuss the nesting season with fellow volunteers and staff.  A power point presentation was shown featuring photos from the nesting season taken by volunteers.

THANK YOU to all the dedicated eagle project volunteers!

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