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Two Eaglets Have Hatched!

April 13th, 2011

A close up view of the Duke Farms Eagle Nest.

by Larissa Smith, Biologist/Volunteer Manager

If you haven’t yet seen the Duke Farms Eagle Cam please check it out.  It’s a great opportunity to

Adults feed their young at the Duke Farms eagle nest on 4/12/11 @ 7am.

see what goes on at an eagles nest and it can be addicting!  The Duke Farms eagle pair has been nesting on Duke Farms property since 2005 and have raised and fledged eleven chicks. Both the adults in the pair are NJ banded birds which we know by their green leg bands.

This season there are  two chicks.  The first chick hatched on April 7th and the second hatched on April 9th.  The adults will brood the chicks to keep them warm so right now a great time to see the chicks is during feeding sessions.  Both chicks are getting plenty of food!

It’s hard to believe that these tiny chicks will be full grown and flying in about twelve weeks!  To  read  updates on the chicks and their development go to:



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