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Tracking a Duke Farms Eagle

September 17th, 2019

May 25th, 2019. Duke getting fitted with transmitter

A transmitter was placed on a chick from the Duke Farms Eagle Cam nest for the first time this year. This nest cam has been watched by thousands of people over the years and now cam watchers will be able to follow the movements of “Duke” after fledging.

April 1st, 2019. Duke and sibling at one day after hatching.

Duke was one of two chicks in the 2019 Duke Farms nest. The nest was visited by biologists from NJ ENSP on May 25th. During the visit the chicks were banded, measured and the transmitter was attached to Duke. He fledged on June 15th.

To keep eagle nests from getting disturbed, nest locations aren’t made public. For that reason he didn’t appear on Eagle Trax until August 12th when he made a move away from the nest area. On August 24th he headed down to the the Chesapeake Bay region of Maryland and has been in that area since. To view his movements you can click on the month and then the point locations, which show if Duke is resting or in flight and if in flight you can see his altitude and cruising speed. The points will be about one week behind the current date. We are also following another eagle named Pedro on the Eagle Trax site.

We’d like to thank Duke Farms for their continual support of the Duke Farms eagle cam and the NJ Eagle project.

Thank you also to Jim Verhagan and the awesome team at NestStory for helping us to get this eagle online for the world to track!

Please consider making a donation to Eagle Trax so we can all keep following along on New Jersey-hatched eagles’ adventures.

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