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“Jersey Girl”: 2021 Update

August 12th, 2021

by: Larissa Smith, biologist

“Jersey Girl” is a NJ banded eagle (B/64). She was reported to us in 2014 by Linda Oughton, who has been keeping track of her and her mate since 2010. They nest is in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. B/64 was banded in 2004 at a nest in Cumberland County NJ, located along the Cohansey River. ‘Jersey Girl” is seventeen years old.

“Jersey Girl” nest 2021 @ L. Oughton

Linda reports that for the past three seasons “Jersey Girl and her mate have nested at their third nest location. This nesting season they raised and fledged two young eagles. Since 2010 the pair has successfully raised and fledged a total of 17 young eagles. They have become local celebrities and many people look for them as they walk along the Perkiomen Trail.

“Jersey Girl” @ L. Oughton

One Response to ““Jersey Girl”: 2021 Update”

  1. netmouse says:

    Larissa, can you provide any update on our Duke Farms new eaglets that fledged this year 2021?