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Website articles and field guide information.

New Jersey Osprey Project

Conserve Wildlife Foundation plays an active role in helping to manage and protect ospreys in New Jersey.

2022 Nest Cam News

Archive of the 2022 nesting season for Daisy & Duke at the BL Osprey Cam. They successfully fledged two young (Harbor & Harper) this year who were not banded. Scroll to the bottom to start from the beginning of the season.

2020 Nest Cam News

This year the pair produced three young! They were banded for future tracking with red aux. bands in late June.

2019 Nest Cam News

NestCam News from 2019 where two young were successfully raised during the first year of this new nest cam.

Barnegat Light Osprey Cam

Our osprey cam was first installed at Forsythe NWR in 2013. In the spring of 2019, we installed a new camera at a nest in Barnegat Light.

Osprey Project Volunteer Sign Up Form

Sign up to become an Osprey Project Volunteer!

Osprey Cam FAQ

Here are some "Frequently Asked Questions" to accompany our Osprey Cam.

2013 New Jersey Osprey Census

This year we're conducting a statewide census of nesting ospreys in New Jersey in partnership with the NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife's, Endangered and Nongame Species Program. For the census we're asking for the public to submit observations of activity at known and new nest sites.

Project RedBand

A citizen-science based banding and re-sighting project on Barnegat Bay that is menat to engage locals and visitors to the New Jersey coast in osprey management and conservation.

2015 Nest Cam News

News and insight from the third season of the Forsythe NWR Osprey Cam.

2021 Nest Cam News

BL Osprey Cam updates from the 2021 season, when the previous female was replaced by a new, unbanded female, who formed a pair bond with the established male. They produced two young who successfully fledged.

2016 Nest Cam News

News from the 2016 Forsythe NWR Osprey Cam. Three young were produced this year.

2017 Nest Cam News

Archives of Nest Cam News for the Osprey Cam located at Forsythe NWR. This year two young successfully fledged.

2018 Nest Cam News

The camera was offline this year due to technical network issues. The nest was still active and produced three young.

Species Link


The Osprey is listed as a threatened species in New Jersey. Here you will find detailed information including identification, life history, current threats, status, and conservation.