Conserve Wildlife Blog Online Cameras Peer into Nests of ‘Rock Star’ New Jersey Predators

March 18th, 2019

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Top: Duke Farms Eagle protects two eggs that are expected to hatch soon.
Photo credit Conserve Wildlife Foundation.
Bottom: Peregrine Falcons in Union County exhibit mating behavior.

Photo credit Union County.

A pair of American Eagles tend to their nest atop an 80-foot Sycamore tree at Duke Farms in Hillsborough, days away from the hatching of two eggs, while the courtship season has begun for a female peregrine falcon nesting on the roof of the historic 17-story Union County Courthouse in downtown Elizabeth.

The predators have achieved “rock star” status in classrooms and homes across the state and the country thanks to video cameras that have been installed on trees and within the nests of the birds by wildlife biologists, with live feeds available online.

The Duke Farm Eagle Cam is a collaboration between CWF and Duke Farms, to help raise awareness for nesting bald eagles in New Jersey.

Union County’s falcon preservation efforts are possible thanks to a partnership with New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife and CWF, the official partner on the Falcon Cam and peregrine educational programs.

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