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Wildlife Fact:

Like other woodpeckers, the red-headed woodpecker has zygodactyl feet, in which two toes point forward and two point backward, enabling it to cling vertically to trees.


Union County Falcon Cam

Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ has partnered with Union County to stream this falcon nest live from the roof of the County Courthouse in downtown Elizabeth, New Jersey.


Buildings and their owners/managers have played an important role in the successful recovery of Peregrine falcons in New Jersey. After a pair attempted to nest (and were unsuccessful) here in 2005, building managers took action to give these birds a second chance. Since windy conditions made nesting on the roof impossible, Union County staff, as directed by state wildlife zoologist Kathy Clark, installed a Dogloo, also referred to as a "Peregloo" to provide a more suitable nest site. After installing the Peregloo, the nesting pair was productive! Since then the site has been occupied by falcons. In 2016, there was a turnover at the nest and the female was replaced with a young adult. Then in 2019, the current female (who is unbanded), named "Frida" replaced the previous female.

NestBox News:

Falcon Cam Education

Image of A female peregrine falcon. Photo courtesy of Kim Steininger.Zoom+ A female peregrine falcon. Photo courtesy of Kim Steininger.

CWF’s Soaring with STEM program educates children about New Jersey’s unique natural resources and the rare wildlife that shares our environment using the Union County Falcon Cam as the primary technological learning tool. Through interactive and engaging classroom and assembly presentations, our experienced educators bring wildlife into your school. Students are fascinated to discover that these raptors nest and raise young each year right in their own backyards! Teachers receive structured lessons and interactive activities to address the Next Generation Science Standards for grades 3-5. Learning about their wildlife neighbors helps children to connect to their community and teaches children to consider how their everyday actions impact the natural world around them. A special thanks to Phillips 66 for their sponsorship of the Union County Educational programs utilizing the Union County Falcon Cam.

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