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New Jersey has over 70 endangered and threatened species.

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Union County Falcon Cam

Conserve Wildlife Foundation is partnering with Union County on the new Falcon Cam located on the roof of the County Courthouse in downtown Elizabeth, New Jersey.

“The new Falcon Cam will provide an enriching experience for County residents of all ages, and for online visitors from all over the world."

Union County Falcon Cam

Image of Photo courtesy of Union County Courthouse.Zoom+ Photo courtesy of Union County Courthouse.

A pair first attempted to build a nest on the roof of the County Courthouse in 2005, but windy conditions were an obstacle. In 2006 County workers installed a repurposed dog house to provide a wind shield, acting on the guidance of wildlife experts with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. Every year until 2015, the same nesting pair has raised chicks in the doghouse since then.

In 2015, this nesting pair had four eggs, beating the statewide average of 2.25 young per active nest. They also hatched all four to achieve a 100 percent success rate, well above the average rate of 71 percent.

However, earlier this year in 2016 a new female took up residence in the nest. Leg bands indicate that she was born in a nest located at Throgs Neck Bridge in New York City in 2010.

Conserve Wildlife Foundation partners with Union County and the NJ DEP on a Peregrine Falcon banding program. Thanks to the partnership, offspring from the County Courthouse pair have been observed around the tri-state region, where they have raised chicks of their own.

The new Falcon Cam live stream includes two cameras. One provides a view of the nest interior and an infrared video image for night time viewing.

A second camera enables observers to track the falcons’ behavior while perched outside of the nest. An audio feed will also be available later this year. With the Falcon Cam, Union County becomes one of only two places in New Jersey with a live peregrine falcon web link. The other web cam is located at a nest in Jersey City and is managed by the biologists of Conserve Wildlife Foundation.

Image of Photo courtesy of Linda Brazaitis.Photo courtesy of Linda Brazaitis.

Jersey City Falcon Cam

CWF's new partnership stems from the long legacy of our Jersey City Falcon Cam. After 16 seasons of dedicated research, there has been much uncertainty within the past two years. With multiple males coming in to use the eyrie - it has not been a productive time.

However, we are not giving up! CWF hopes that our new partnership in Union County will in turn continue to support our efforts in Jersey City.

Falcon Cam Education

Image of A female peregrine falcon. Photo courtesy of Kim Steininger.Zoom+ A female peregrine falcon. Photo courtesy of Kim Steininger.

CWF’s Soaring with STEM program educates children about New Jersey’s unique natural resources and the rare wildlife that shares our environment using The Union County Courthouse live falcon web cams as the primary technological learning tool. Through interactive and engaging classroom and assembly presentations, our experienced educators bring wildlife into your school. Students are fascinated to discover that these raptors nest and raise young each year right in their own backyards! Teachers receive structured lessons and interactive activities to address the Next Generation Science Standards for grades 3-5. Learning about their wildlife neighbors helps children to connect to their community and teaches children to consider how their everyday actions impact the natural world around them.

Please contact Stephanie DAlessio, CWF Director of Education, for more information on this and other educational programming options.

Get Involved

CWF is offering individual and corporate sponsorships of public outreach and environmental education in Union County centered on the Falcon Cam. CWF seeks to provide educational programs, lesson plans, curriculum development, and educational field trips for schools within Union County.

For more information about CWF's individual and corporate sponsorships, contact Liz Silvernail, CWF Director of Development or use the online form.

Learn More

Conserve Wildlife Foundation Web Cam Series

As of January 2017, CWF is proud to feature five separate wildlife webcam series on our website - Eagle Cam, Osprey Cam, Bat Cam, Jersey City Falcon Cam, and Union City Falcon Cam. All of which are accessible to view at this time!

Image of Photo courtesy of Kathy Clark, ENSP.Photo courtesy of Kathy Clark, ENSP.

For More Information

Falcon Cam Sponsoring Contact:
Liz Silvernail, CWF Director of Development: Email

NJ Falcon Project Contact:
Ben Wurst, CWF Habitat Program Manager: Email

Falcon Cam Education Programs Contact:
Stephanie DAlessio, CWF Director of Education: Email

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Adopt a Species

Image of Adopt Osprey - cropped Adopt today and help us protect rare and imperiled species in New Jersey.


Attention Educators!

Image of The male Jersey City peregrine falcon.

Introduce Peregrine falcons to your students today! We offer lesson plans to help your students to learn about birds of prey, predator/prey relationships, and much more!


Become a Sponsor

Image of Peregrine Falcon by Herb Houghton

CWF is offering individual and corporate sponsorships of public outreach and environmental education in Union County centered on the Falcon Cam. Contact Liz Silvernail, CWF Director of Development, for more information!