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New Jersey has over 95 endangered and threatened species.


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Three Bridges Eagle Cam

This project is a partnership between multiple organizations to determine the effects of upgrading electrical transmission equipment on nesting bald eagles.

Bald eagles have made an inspiring recovery against overwhelming odds in New Jersey and across the eastern United States. From just a single nesting pair at a failing nest through the early 1980s, eagles have rebounded to over 300 pairs in 2020!

The return of our national symbol has been cheered by New Jerseyans young and old. One site that has been a local favorite has been found at Three Bridges, a community in Readington Township in Hunterdon County. Eagles have nested on top of an electric transmission tower since 2015 and have successfully raised 14 young.

The line of towers was replaced by monopoles, PSE&G worked with Conserve Wildlife Foundation, NJDFW Endangered and Nongame Species Program, and US Fish and Wildlife Service to ensure that the Three Bridges eagles would have every opportunity to continue nesting here. PSE&G designed and installed a nest platform on the new monopole and placed the original nest on the platform once it was erected. The pair returned to the tower and used the new nesting platform in Feb. 2020. The pair raised two young that were banded, H/04 & H/05. The eagle cam was fixed at the time of banding. Both young fledged the end of June, but H/05 was found grounded July 4th. He was taken to The Raptor Trust for rehabilitation and after healing, he was released back at the nest site.

2021-22 Three Bridges Nesting Season Updates:

Jan. 9

Diane Cook captured these screenshots this morning of the pair in front of a beautiful sunrise and mating.

Image of January 9, 2022Zoom+ January 9, 2022Image of January 9th, 2022 Zoom+ January 9th, 2022

Jan. 8

An American Kestrel has been seen perched on the tower. Yesterday Mary Ellen Hill captured this screenshot of the Kestrel and eagle perched very close together.

Image of January 8, 2022January 8, 2022

Dec. 15

Image of 3 bridges sunrise 12-15-21

The live stream began shortly before 7:00am. Viewers were greeted by a beautiful sunrise.

Dec. 13

We're proud to annouce a new feature for Three Bridges Eagle Cam fans to connect and learn from each other. Viewers will be able to chat with other viewers from around the world about this nest and bald eagle management in New Jersey. This feature is being made possible with support from PSE&G and our Bald Eagle Project volunteers, who will act as moderators. Chat will be available when eagles are more active and moderators are available to participate in the live chat. Our goal is to ensure that chat remains a friendly place for viewers to be able to share their thoughts and encourage all to read our live chat policy for commenting.

Dec 8

The new live stream is set to begin on Dec. 15 at 7am. You can read more on the Conserve Wildlife Blog.

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