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Website articles and field guide information.

Bald Eagle Project

We help manage and protect bald eagles to ensure their long term survival. In 2022, 267 nesting pairs of bald eagles were monitored in New Jersey. 250 of these nests were active (laid eggs) and produced 335 young.

Duke Farms Eagle Cam

Welcome to the Eagle Cam, a collaboration with Duke Farms, to help raise awareness for nesting bald eagles in New Jersey.

Raptor Lesson Plans

Teach about raptors in your classroom!

Three Bridges Eagle Cam

Three Bridges Eagle Cam

This project is a partnership between multiple organizations to determine the effects of upgrading electrical transmission equipment on nesting bald eagles.

New Jersey EagleTrax

EagleTrax helps scientists learn about the non-breeding, sub-adult period of a bald eagle’s life cycle and use the data collected to help protect communal roost sites.

Story Maps

Explore New Jersey & beyond using interactive maps to learn more about the state's wildlife.

2016 Photo Contest Winners

In 2016, Conserve Wildlife Foundation launched the “For the Love of Wildlife” Photo Contest to showcase the love for and need to protect New Jersey's wildlife. Over 1,470 entries were received! New Jersey wildlife photographers, CWF board members and staff poured over the entries to choose our winners. First, Second, and Third place winners in both youth and adult categories for 2016 are listed below.

Bald Eagles of Mercer County

Welcome to the “Bald Eagles of Mercer County”, where we celebrate the all-American recovery of the bald eagle in Mercer County, New Jersey. Wiped out from the county just a few decades ago, Mercer County now holds four nesting pairs of bald eagles – including two pairs in Mercer County’s park system!

Species Link

Bald eagle

The Bald eagle is listed as an endangered species in New Jersey. Here you will find detailed information including identification, life history, current threats, status, and conservation.