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Wildlife Fact:

The feathered tufts on the top of the long eared owls’ head are not horns or ears, but feathers that are used to communicate and help the bird blend into its surroundings.

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For the Love of Wildlife Photo Contest

CWF's First "For the Love of Wildlife" Photography Contest ran through March 25, 2016. Categories included endangered and threatened wildlife, landscapes, people enjoying the outdoors, and all animals native to New Jersey.

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New Jersey might be the most densely populated state, but it is also home to a diverse array of wildlife. From bobcats in the north to Eastern tiger salamanders in the south, many different species of wildlife live in the variety of habitats found in New Jersey. Our photography contest is meant to showcase the love for and need to protect the endangered and threatened wildlife that call New Jersey home. Thank you to everyone who participated in 2016! Winners have been announced and can be viewed here: 2016 Contest Winners.

  • Grand Prize First Place Winners: $250 each (youth and adult)
  • People’s Choice Winner: Canoe trip for two on the Batsto River in Wharton State Forest courtesy of Pinelands Adventures


  • New Jersey’s Rarest Residents: Endangered, Threatened, and Special Concern Wildlife Species Only
  • The Garden State: New Jersey Landscapes
  • Experiencing Nature: People Enjoying the Outdoors
  • Wild New Jersey: All Animals in the Garden State

Submission Rules and Guidelines:

  • Submit a maximum of five photos in each category
  • Photos should be .jpg or .jpeg file format
  • Maximum file size = 5MB.
  • Photos cannot have any watermarks or text on the image.
  • Images will be judged on their overall composition, image quality, and representation of the image category by a team of New Jersey photographers and CWF board members.

>>View the complete list of endangered, threatened and species of special concern in New Jersey!

By entering the contest, you agreed to the terms stated below.


Entries will only be accepted from the original photographer, and you must be the sole creator and owner of the copyright for all entries. Photographers must have sufficient permission of any recognizable persons appearing in the photograph for print or online usage. Photographers retain ownership of all copyrights. However, by submitting an image for entry in this contest, you automatically give Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ permission and rights to store, display, and use the image, and your name as the photographer without notification or compensation.

Usage Rights:

Submission to this contest allows Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ to use this photo in print and web content indefinitely, without compensation, for the purposes of public engagement and education. Photo credit identifying the photographer's name will always be included with use. By participating, entrants release Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ from any and all liability or responsibility for any claim arising in connection with participation in the Contest or any prize awarded.

Wildlife Photographers

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Duke Farms Eagle Cam

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Check out the live stream from a bald eagle nest at Duke Farms in New Jersey. Follow along as they breed, incubate, and raise their young.


Our Species

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Explore our online field guide that depicts over 200 species of rare wildlife in New Jersey and learn about how we are working to protect them.