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Calling Amphibian Monitoring Project (CAMP)

The object of this program is to assess the distribution, abundance, and health of New Jersey's amphibians. We assist by recruiting volunteers to participate in the statewide survey.

Image of Green frog.Zoom+ Green frog. © Thomas Gorman

If you enjoy hearing the sounds of frogs and toads and like a bit of adventure then the NJ Calling Amphibian Project (CAMP) might be the right project for you! Each of the 16 species of frogs and toads in NJ has a unique vocalization or “call” that can be heard during their mating season. The Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ is actively recruiting volunteers to participate in a statewide Calling Amphibian Monitoring Program (CAMP). There are a total of 63 routes in New Jersey. The object of this program is to assess the distribution, abundance, and health of New Jersey's amphibians. This is part of a larger initiative called the North American Amphibian Monitoring Program (NAAMP) and the data collected in New Jersey will be submitted into the National database.

Volunteers participating in this project will be asked to conduct roadside surveys (after dusk) for calling amphibians along designated routes throughout the state. Each 15-mile route will be surveyed three times during the spring and a structured protocol will be followed to determine which nights to survey, how long to survey, which species are calling, and how to estimate the total number of individuals calling at each site. All volunteers will receive a Calls of NJ Frogs and Toads, CD with which to familiarize themselves with the calls.

Image of Pine Barrens TreefrogPine Barrens Treefrog George Cevera

If you are interested in hearing the calls of NJ amphibians you can take the public quiz on the NAAMP website. Select NJ and see how well you know your frog & toad calls!

Contact Us:

Please check back in January 2016 for information on volunteering. Thank you.

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