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Three little hatchlings!

June 2nd, 2014

Eggs hatch at Osprey Cam nest in Oceanville

by Ben Wurst, Habitat Program Manager

Three eggs have hatched at the Osprey Cam nest at Forsythe NWR in Oceanville.

Three eggs have hatched at the Osprey Cam nest at Forsythe NWR in Oceanville.

It’s been a hectic spring (to say the least). I’ve been swamped with field work since early April. Time has been flying by!!

The osprey pair nesting at the nest with our Osprey Cam on it has successfully hatched three young. The eggs hatched at ~37 days and in the order they were laid. Ospreys exhibit asyncronous hatching, which helps make sure that only the strongest young survive to fledge. In years with a good supply of fish then all young will survive. When there is harsh weather or a lack of prey (fish) then the oldest and strongest will survive, this is often called natural selection. The last two catches, from the male, have been very large white perch. There has been so much food that the young all get their fill. Sometimes the runt won’t get fed right away, but if he peeps a lot and begs for food, then he will get his share too.

Regarding the trash in the nest:

We are watching the plastic in the nest and will take action if necessary to remove it. Our policy is only to act when a bird is in a life threatening situation. Us entering a nest creates disturbance which might cause even more harm (more so when a bird is potentially entangled). Extreme care (and patience) must be taken in these types of situations. Trust us. We’d LOVE to not see the trash in the nest, BUT this is a teachable moment for all who are watching the Osprey Cam. Please share our post on social media and encourage your friends to pick up the next piece of litter they see or to not release balloons! If we all act, then we can all make a difference!



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