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New Jersey’s Hidden Coast – Strengthening Bayshore Beaches

July 19th, 2016


By Emily Hofmann, Assistant Communications Manager


Like all ecosystems, Delaware Bay is amazingly complex, and there’s no one way to fix it. Between climate change, sea level rise, and the growing risk of major storms, there’s a lot to consider.


We’ve learned that restoring healthy marsh habitat is a key component in rebuilding Delaware Bay beaches; however, we’re also trying to further strengthen bayshore beaches by building reefs – living underwater infrastructure. By creating some reef structures we can keep the sand where we’re putting it.


Learn more about strengthening New Jersey’s Hidden Coast – the Delaware Bayshore in our fifth episode to our series.


A new episode of our video series “New Jersey’s Hidden Coast” will air every two weeks throughout the summer! Catch a glimpse of the bay, the horseshoe crab at the center of the bay’s system, and the incredible relationship between horseshoe crabs and migratory birds, like the red knot. We will reveal the real value of horseshoe crabs, the challenges to the ecosystem, and the potential for a thriving regional economy along the Bayshore. We will show Hurricane Sandy as a catalyst for decisive action and the work being done to rebuild the area for both people and wildlife.


Over the next several weeks, we will explore the use of “living shorelines” instead of bulkheads and the central importance of marshes to the marine ecosystem. We will discover the on-the-ground, grassroots efforts of the community to build oyster reefs alongside veterans. And we will examine the future of the Bay and the work that needs to be done to preserve our conservation successes thus far.


Discover Delaware Bay:


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One Response to “New Jersey’s Hidden Coast – Strengthening Bayshore Beaches”

  1. Jared Plotkin says:

    My name is Jared Plotkin. I am a recent graduate from Richard Stockton College. I wish to have the opportunity to volunteer for the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey. I know that there are no full time work positions available, but volunteering is the next best thing for me to do in order to gain experience in the science field.
    The questions that I have are the following:

    1. Are there any Conserve Wildlife Foundation offices located in South New Jersey?
    2. What type of volunteer work is done for the foundation?
    3. Are there any research positions available for volunteer work?
    4. What type of jobs (work responsibilities) is done for the foundation?
    5. Would I be able to be an assistant for any of the personal that are working down in the Atlantic County region?
    I am available to participate in volunteer work only on Mondays and Thursdays of a week being that those are my only two days of from my job. I thank you very much for the time and opportunity to help me in gaining more biological/environmental science experience.