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Photo From the Field: New Falcon Tower Installed on Bonnet Island

February 9th, 2018

A sign of success. CWF Volunteer Matt T. atop the newly constructed peregrine falcon nesting tower on Bonnet Island, Stafford Twp., NJ. The 16′ tower was built from locally grown white cedar and installed for a pair who formally nested beneath the Route 72 Causeway Bridge. photo by Ben Wurst


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3 Responses to “Photo From the Field: New Falcon Tower Installed on Bonnet Island”

  1. JaniceZee says:

    So glad to hear of this accomplishment for our falcon friends!

  2. Carolyn Foote Edelman says:

    Ben, thank you for this grand news. Mary Wood and I were in your riveting class on ospreys the year before last. We’ll be at Pinelands Short Course again this year. That course, its attendance, and you and the other presenters hearten us in these grim times. It matters so very much that humans (as Mary does healing animals at wildlife center below Lambertville) protect, defend, and even feel strong affection for the wild creatures! Grateful for your work. Carolyn Foote Edelmann, NJWILDBEAUTY Nature Blog

  3. Ben says:

    Thank you, Carolyn! I was invited to present at the Short Course this year, but I had a conflict with another talk…maybe next year!