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NJ101.5 News: Bald eagle comeback continues in New Jersey

August 2nd, 2018

New Jersey 101.5 radio covered the incredible recovery of bald eagles in New Jersey in a radio story this week. You can listen to it or read it here.

The late Elmer Clegg, an Eagle Project volunteer, holds onto a Bald eagle nestling while Dr. Erica Miller places a hood on the bird to keep it calm while it is being banded for future identification. © Kathy Clark

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One Response to “NJ101.5 News: Bald eagle comeback continues in New Jersey”

  1. Loretta Berry says:

    I live in Brick and on Saturday, August 18 I saw 3 young eagles at the same time from my front steps. Two were on telephone poles and the third one was sitting in a dead tree on my neighbor’s lawn. They have been flying through the neighborhood and calling each other throughout most of the day. Has anyone seen the nest?