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Celery Farm and Beyond: Rescuing a Few Baby Terrapins

May 30th, 2019

Photo by Jim Wright

While out on a drive along Delaware Bay friend of Conserve Wildlife Foundation Jim Wright has an unplanned encounter with our biologist Larissa Smith and several baby terrapins.

On his blog Jim says “(Larissa) explained that these tiny terrapins cross this road every late May. We helped save four of the little turtles — including three that would have likely been crushed by a giant tractor-trailer headed for a marina.  Alas, we found a few crushed little guys on the way.”

“There are plenty of Turtle Crossing signs, but I don’t think most people who see the signs (or the baby turtles) realize they are trying to avoid terrapins the size of quarters,” Jim continues. “A big thank you to Larissa for educating us.”

Keep an eye out for terrapins, and learn more about being “terrapin aware” and our Great Bay Terrapin Project.

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One Response to “Celery Farm and Beyond: Rescuing a Few Baby Terrapins”

  1. Barb McKee says:

    They are so adorable! And so tiny! We don’t have terrapins here in Central Jersey, but just today I moved a pretty small (3-4″)snapper off the road during my bike ride! We keep an eye out for sliders and box turtles too. These are probably females looking for a sunny place to lay eggs.