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The Bat’s Misunderstood Identity, State of Change Podcast, Episode 5

April 6th, 2020

Bats are one of nature’s most misunderstood species. They strike fear in the hearts of many people but in reality they are incredibly beneficial to us. Bats face a multitude of threats and it is up to us to learn to understand and coexist with them if they are to have a future in our state.

The fifth episode of our podcast, State of Change, “The Bat’s Misunderstood Identity” features MacKenzie Hall, biologist at the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife and Ethan Gilardi, assistant biologist with Conserve Wildlife Foundation (CWF).

There are many threats facing bats, including white nose sydrome and loss of habitat. These threats are amplified by climate change, as host and CWF Executive Director David Wheeler explains. “Like many other species, the risks faced by bats are expanded because of habitat alterations brought on by the changing climate. Bats are so deeply connected to many other species in their ecosystem that any change in the environment and food chain could have amplified negative effects on bats.”

Of all the threats facing bats, these the two bat experts say is the biggest is bad PR. Listen to the podcast and find out why.

Each episode of State of Change highlights a different climate change issue – and every story helps paint a portion of the big picture of our changing world. Hosted by CWF executive director David Wheeler, and produced by Matt Wozniak, State of Change is available on CastboxSpreakerSpotifyApple Podcasts, and Deezer.


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