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Part 2: An eagle nest reinstalled

December 10th, 2020

by: CWF biologist Larissa Smith

In Part one of this blog series the Three Bridges eagle nest was removed from the transmission tower. The tower was then dismantled. The next step was the installation of the new tower. This tower design is different then the old tower which had a lattice structure on top where the eagles built their nest. Since this new tower didn’t have have the same structure to support a nest, an eagle nest platform was designed and built .

During the entire procedure the Three Bridges eagle nest monitors recorded the eagle pairs activities. They were often perched on the nearby towers watching the activity. Nest monitor Mary Ellen Hill saw one of the eagles fly over to the new pole and hover above before flying back to another tower.

eagle hovering over arm of new tower 12/29/20@ Mary Ellen Hill

On a cold, snowy day the eagle nest was placed into the nest platform. The nest platform was then hoisted up to the arm of the tower and bolted in place. Now we wait and see if the pair will return and nest in their “old” nest on the new nest platform and tower.

Thank you to all the Eagle Project volunteers who monitor this nest and PSE &G employees who have worked hard to finish this project before eagle nesting season.

2 Responses to “Part 2: An eagle nest reinstalled”

  1. Donna Poolake says:

    Great effort by everyone! Hopefully they like their new home!

  2. sharlene roberts says:

    Can’t wait for part 3 of this beautiful story.