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Thank You Cathy and Jeff White for Helping New Jersey’s Eagles Thrive.

August 4th, 2022

by Larissa Smith, CWF Biologist

New Jersey Eagle Project nest monitors Cathy and Jeff White have been volunteering with the program since 2009. The 2022 eagle nesting season was officially their last as they will be “retiring.” When they started with the bald eagle project, they had two eagle nests that they monitored in Southern New Jersey. As of 2022 they were monitoring 25 eagle nests. That is a lot of nests to keep straight! During their 14 years of observing nesting behavior to determine egg laying, hatching, and fledging, a total of 244 eagle chicks fledged from their nests. The Whites have witnessed the eagle population grow over the years and have played a large role in the success of the eagles, including many rescues of both chicks and adults. Their dedication to the eagles through both the good and bad outcomes, is commendable and they are irreplaceable.

They have done so much for the eagle project and will be greatly missed. Thank you!

Photos taken by the Whites throughout their years of monitoring eagle nests.

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One Response to “Thank You Cathy and Jeff White for Helping New Jersey’s Eagles Thrive.”

  1. Helen Trammell says:

    An impressive gathering of photos! What a massive nest! Seeing the mature adult and fledgling eagle flying together gave me a huge smile..what a legacy; from 2 nests to 25 and 244 new Eagles….THANK YOU Cathy and Jeff! May your future be filled with love, joy, peace and health. Helen Trammell