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NJ Eagle Cams: Ready For The 2024 Nesting Season

December 8th, 2023

by: Senior Biologist, Larissa Smith

Three Bridges Eagle Cam

The Three Bridges eagle cam went live for the 2024 nesting season on December 1st. A pair of eagles made an appearance that morning. The Three Bridges nesting platform was used by eagles in 2021, when they successfully raised two young. During the 2022 and 2023 nesting seasons, the pair were seen at the nest platform but ended up using a nest in a tree. We will see if the pair decides to use the nest platform this season. For now we believe that the Three Bridges pairs territory is both the nest tree and platform. As the numbers of nesting Bald Eagles continues to increase New Jersey there is the possibility that a second eagle pair could nest at the platform. Last nesting season there was lots of eagle action at the tower, eagles of all ages stopped by along with many different avian species. A pair of Osprey’s took interest in the nest platform but didn’t end up laying eggs. An American Kestrel perched at the platform on the first day the cam was live. It’ll be interesting to see what activity occurs at the tower this season.

An American Kestrel perched on the tower December 1st, 2023

Duke Farms Eagle Cam

The Duke Farms Eagle Cam has given viewers an intimate look into the lives of eagles since 2008, the cam has developed a loyal following of cam viewers. In 2023 the pair raised and fledged two young eagles. While the nesting season itself went smoothly, two significant events happened after the chicks fledged in May. On June 24th, the nest partially collapsed, thankfully the chicks were fledged for a month by then. Of course a collapsed nest brings the question, “Will the pair return to this nest tree in view of the camera?”

June 24th, 2023; collapsed nest

The second notable occurrence is that there is a new male in the pair. Sometime in the fall, a new male made his appearance, we know this because he isn’t banded. The previous male was NJ banded A/59, he was 23 years old and held a special place in my heart. An Eagle and a Biologist: 22 Years in Common. We don’t know what happened to A/59; he could have died or been injured and the new male took his place.

To the relief of cam viewers the newly formed pair started rebuilding the nest in October and have since been working together to prepare the nest for eggs. The pair has also been seen mating.

Cam viewers will get to watch another nesting season of the Duke Farm eagle cam.

Thank you to Duke Farms (Duke Farms Eagle Cam) and PSE&G (Three Bridges eagle cam) for their partnership and support of the eagle cams.

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