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Just Beneath the Surface: Junior’s 5 Seconds of Fame

August 27th, 2018

Long Beach Island video series highlights coastal birds of prey and “Junior,” from the Jersey City Falcon Cam!

by Ben Wurst, Habitat Program Manager

When we were contacted to be a part of this LBI centered documentary series, we knew that we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share some of our work with coastal raptors, like the osprey and peregrine falcon, and their importance in the local environment and economy. In this video you’ll see us banding “Junior,” who hatched at the Jersey City Falcon Cam this spring, but was removed from his nest after being examined and found to be malnourished. We was fostered into the falcon nest at Sedge Island. You’ll also see video of ospreys on their nest at sites surrounding Long Beach Island, and interviews with my friend, and CWF supporter, Northside Jim, and Kathy Clark, ENSP Supervisory Zoologist. 

We’re thankful that raptors were highlighted in this series to showcase their importance in the shore environment and economy. Coastal raptors, especially the osprey, are considered an indicator species, which means that they show the effects of many harmful contaminants long before people. Since the diet of ospreys consists of 99% fish, the health of their population is directly linked to the health of our coastal estuaries and ocean.

As we work hard to monitor these species, we can’t do it without your support (we don’t get any dedicated funding from the federal or state government for our work with ospreys or falcons). Thank you to all of our members and donors for supporting us! Your donations are greatly appreciated!

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