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This is only one of 26 nesting pairs of peregrine falcons found in New Jersey.


Jersey City Falcon Cam

Welcome to the 16th season of the Jersey City Falcon Cam! Since 2000, state endangered peregrine falcons have nested on a skyscraper rooftop in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Welcome to the home of the Jersey City Falcon Cam – a popular webcam that has captured the annual life cycle of a family of endangered Peregrine Falcons living on a Jersey City skyscraper. This is the 16th season of 24/7 live streaming video. In 2014, Conserve Wildlife Foundation undertook a fundraising effort to save the Falcon Cam, which was run by the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife's Endangered and Nongame Species Program. We'd like to thank everyone who donated to help keep the Falcon Cam online!! Please consider making a donation to support Falcon Cam.

Above you see two views: one from outside of the nestbox, and one from inside the nestbox (we will fix this in March 2016). Click and drag the volume button up if you'd like to hear sound from the camera! If you have any technical problems, please email Ben.

Nestbox News

January 25

Image of Snow inside the nestbox showing falcon "tracks" after the blizzard on January 23rd.Snow inside the nestbox showing falcon "tracks" after the blizzard on January 23rd.

The camera is working just fine but the stream is currently offline. We are investigating what is going on.

January 20

The pair was seen in and outside of the nestbox this morning! See a photo on BCAW (Bird Cams Around the World).

January 19

Cam is online! We are working with our partners to give you the best possible online viewing experience. We are testing out the feed (exterior view) in HDTV (sponsored) and standard feed (unsponsored). So the viewer has a choice. In other news, we are planning to visit Jersey City to fix the pinhole camera in early Feb.

January 12, 2016

Happy New Year, all! Exciting times ahead! Just this morning we called to re-activate the internet at 101 Hudson St. Technically speaking, the cameras should still be powered on and working fine. Once the internet is turned back on and we find out if we can acquire the same static IP address (what allows the live stream to be broadcast) then it's a simple copy and paste type of action to display the live stream on this page. If we need a new static IP (which we have in the past) then we will need to visit 101 Hudson St. to do some networking.

We will still make at least one trip up there to examine and test the pinhole camera that's inside the nestbox. We've had problems with that camera and want to be sure it is working fine this year.

Otherwise, we got this great video from Falcon Cam viewer Eric Chandler which shows the pair vocalizing to each other on the side of a building near 101 Hudson St. Peregrine falcons mate for life. In early spring the male performs aerial displays and he also provides the female with gifts to show his commitment to her - in the form of food. To help strengthen their relationship (pair bond) the male and female perform what is referred to as a "bowing" when they vocalize with a “ee-chupping” call which is seen in this short video.

2013 Nestbox News

2013 Nestbox News

Highlights from the 2013 nesting season at 101 Hudson St. in Jersey City, New Jersey as viewed from the Peregrine falcon webcam.

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2012 Nestbox News

2012 Nestbox News

Highlights from the 2012 nesting season at 101 Hudson St. in Jersey City, New Jersey as viewed from the Peregrine falcon webcam. In collaboration with the NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife’s Endangered and Nongame Species Program

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2014 Nestbox News

2014 Nestbox News

Check out highlights from the 2014 nesting season when one nestling was fostered into the nest atop 101 Hudson St. in Jersey City.

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2015 Nestbox News

2015 Nestbox News

Highlights from the 15th season of the Jersey City Falcon Cam. There was a turnover in the nestingh pair this year and no young were produced.

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