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2003 was the first year that peregrine falcons successfully nested on the cliffs at the New Jersey Palisades since the 1950s.


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Jersey City Falcon Cam

Since 2000, state endangered peregrine falcons have nested on a skyscraper rooftop in Jersey City, New Jersey. This is the 14th season for the Falcon Cam.


The Jersey City Falcon Cam – a popular webcam that has captured the annual life cycle of a family of endangered Peregrine Falcons living on a Jersey City skyscraper – goes live today for its 14th season of 24/7 live streaming video. For the first time, the Falcon Cam will be operated by the nonprofit Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey (CWF) rather than the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife's Endangered and Nongame Species Program.

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Please be patient. The feed(s) may take some time to load. Sound is embeded in this page and will load automatically. To turn off the sound, just mute your speakers.

Nestbox News

April 23: Faithful nest watchers have tuned in for weeks, now, anxious to see the first egg in the nest. Unfortunately, that first egg hasn't come, perhaps due to our falcon being just a little older than most. Today we provided them with an egg that we hope they will adopt and incubate as their own. If they do not incubate, then we know we cannot foster a nestling into the nest. This pair has a strong pair bond, and they are proven good parents, so we hold out great hope for them. Stay tuned! -Kathy Clark, ENSP

April 14: As in the past with the old Nestbox News, there were occasional guest writers. This year we're happy to have some outside input and observations from viewers. One viewer (and camera controller) is Jim Verhagen. Jim has been so into promoting our efforts to protect NJ's rare wildlife that he decided to make plush wool stuffed birds that he sells and donates a portion to CWF to help real birds in New Jersey! Jim also has a house on LBI and has really taken a liking to photographing and telling a story of rare birds in New Jersey. He tells those stories on his blog, "Readings from the Northside." The paragraph below is from Jim's latest post about some weird behavior that he witnessed over the weekend at 101 Hudson St. -Ben, CWF

Image of A New Day, perhaps in more ways than one, at the Jersey City Falcon Cam.A New Day, perhaps in more ways than one, at the Jersey City Falcon Cam.

Some of you may be following along with the action at the Jersey City Falcon Cam. Or, more correctly, the lack of said “action”. As a part-time, amateur, volunteer cam operator I’ve been on pins-n-needles hoping to get that one big shot: the egg shot. But Beatrice, the Grande Matriarch of the Jersey City Falcon Cam is late. So much so, the Internet is abuzz with rumor that she might be infertile. While her true identity is still unknown after 14 years of not being able to read all of the numbers on her banded leg, it is pretty certain she is a Pennsylvania Princess and a ripe 19 years of age. After 14 seasons of laying eggs on camera, could she finally be done?

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Image of If you notice that the camera is zoomed in on the band, it's because we're trying to get a full read of the female's band. If you notice that the camera is zoomed in on the band, it's because we're trying to get a full read of the female's band.

April 3: The female that nests here atop 101 Hudson St. has been nesting here since 2004. She wears a silver aluminum USGS bird band and has eluded Supervisory Zoologist, Kathy Clark since her arrival. Kathy and others have never been able to read her full band number, which would help us learn a lot more about her, like where she might have originated from, where she was banded, and her age. So far all but two numbers have been read: 1807-44x14. There aren't many combinations that would fit this series with the bird only wearing one band (all peregrines banded in NJ and others in the Tri-State Area where two bands), but we still need all numbers to confirm her origin.

In other news, eggs should be laid any day now! Last year the first egg was laid on April 4th. If you happen to catch her laying an egg or see the first egg, make sure to share it with us on Twitter or Facebook!! --Ben

March 31: Welcome to a whole new season (and lease of life) for the Jersey City Falcon Cam! On Tuesday, March 25th, we completed the networking and configuration of the network camera(s) at 101 Hudson St. Once the cameras were installed and working on the 19th, they still had to be networked so we could have outside access to them and to get the live stream online. This consisted of configuring the router and cameras. All went well and since then we have had no issues with the live feeds!

Here's what we installed at 101 Hudson St.:

  • Axis Q6045-E PTZ camera. This camera is the one that looks in from outside of the nestbox.
  • Axis P1214-E pinhole camera. This camera is right inside the nestbox on the lower left hand side (when looking in).
  • Axis P8221 Audio Encoder and microphone. The microphone is hidden under the upper left hand side of the nestbox roof.

We're excited to announce that we were able to keep this important program online and in the many classrooms, businesses, and homes of so many people who have watched the trials and tribulations of the pair of falcons that nest atop 101 Hudson St. Thank you to all of our members and donors who have sent in a contribution towards the Falcon Cam!! We could not have done this without your support!

Currently the pair have been seen copulating on the roof top and the female should lay eggs shortly. Last year the first egg was laid on April 4th.

Nestbox News will now be posted here on our website, and will be written by myself, Maria Grace, and Kathy Clark, ENSP. -Ben

Image of Here is the first still image from the new Falcon Cam. The feed is not yet online, but the camera has been installed and is ready to go for the 2014 nesting season!Here is the first still image from the new Falcon Cam. The feed is not yet online, but the camera has been installed and is ready to go for the 2014 nesting season!

March 19: Yesterday we made the trip to 101 Hudson St. to install the new digital camera system at the Jersey City peregrine falcon nest. I was joined by Kathy Clark, Supervisory Zoologist with ENSP, Charlene Smith, CWF and Paul Tarlowe, NJDFW, who all helped to remove the old system and to install the new one. Our main goal was to complete any work that took place outside, so if we needed to go back we would not disturb the nesting pair. Last year they laid their first egg on April 4th. After being there for over 5 hours we managed to get two new cameras installed. One camera (a pinhole) gives us an eye level perspective from inside the nestbox. The other (pictured above) will allow us to zoom and pan to see everything on the roof of the building, including the nestbox and the NYC skyline.

We were surprised that the nesting pair, who were present the whole time we were there, were quite passive. These birds, especially the female, are quite aggressive and are known to dive bomb and hit biologist on the head if you go near the nestbox! We were very careful as to not be causing any stress to the birds while there.

The camera is not online yet. We need to go back to the site next week to configure the network settings so that we can stream the camera feed(s).

Thank you to everyone who supported our Save the Jersey City Falcon Cam campaign. Although we have not yet reached our initial $10,000 goal, we believe that fans of the Falcon Cam will give once the camera goes live! So to be clear – contributions are still desperately needed. Please help support the Falcon Cam!

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Month of the Falcon

In January 2014, we dedicated this month as the "Month of the Falcon" to help raise awareness for state endangered peregrine falcons. In Part I we described why falcons are so unique. Part II covered their decline and reintroduction to New Jersey with historic photos. Part II will cover the history of the famous pair that nests in Jersey City. The finale will explore the many ways you can strengthen your own personal connection to peregrine falcons in New Jersey, from top viewing locations to the chance for accompanying biologists on a falcon banding! Besides the text we've also been sharing awesome photos of peregrines in New Jersey that were captured by some very talented wildlife photographers.

Meet the nesting pair!

Jersey City Female

Jersey City Female

The nesting female has been calling Jersey City home since 2004.

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Jersey City Tiercel

Jersey City Tiercel

The nesting male is from New York City, but chose to nest in Jersey!

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Meet the nesting Pair!

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We're able to identify most peregrine falcons by their leg bands. Learn more about the pair that nests in Jersey City.