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2018 NJ Bald Eagle Project Report

December 26th, 2018

by: Larissa Smith, CWF Wildlife Biologist

photo by Bob Kane, Cranbury, Middlesex County

The Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ in partnership with the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife, Endangered and Nongame Species Program, has released the 2018 NJ Bald Eagle Project Report.

“Two hundred-four nest sites were monitored during the nesting season, of which 185 were documented to be active (with eggs) and 19 were territorial or housekeeping pairs.  Thirty new eagle pairs were found this season, 20 in the south, nine in central and one in the north.  One hundred-twenty-one nests (66%) of the 182 known-outcome nests produced 172 young, for a productivity rate of 0.94 young per active/known-outcome nest. The failure rate was well above average with 61 nests (33%) failing to produce.  The Delaware Bay region remained the state’s eagle stronghold, with roughly half of nests located in Cumberland and Salem counties and the bayside of Cape May County.”

The number of active nests has increased while the number of young eagles fledged has decreased since a high of  216 young fledged in 2016.  During the 2018 eagle nesting season there was an abundance of cold, wet, windy and snowy weather which was the cause for a portion of the nest failures. As the eagle population increases, there are  more eagles competing for territories. This can also be a contributing factor in nest failures.  NJ is still in the range of 0.9 to 1.1 young per nest which is needed for population maintenance with a productivity rate of 0.94 young per known-outcome/active nest in 2018. The 2018 NJ Eagle Project Report has all the details on the project including telemetry, re-sightings and recoveries.

The success of the eagle project is due to the tremendous dedication of the NJ Eagle Project Volunteers. They monitor the nests in all types of conditions and education people about the eagles with enthusiasm.




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3 Responses to “2018 NJ Bald Eagle Project Report”

  1. Pamela Ward says:

    Just would like to let you know where I live on the Raritan Bay in Cliffwood Beach, Old Bridge, NJ
    there is 2 Bald eagles that visit the tree behind my house between 8am-9am up to the middle of December. I have only spotted them on weekends, but my husband has seen them every morning during this period. With the holidays we have not been vigilant in noticing, but will this weekend. I have photos and videos if anyone would like to see them. A beautiful and magnificent looking bird.

  2. larissasmith says:

    That’s quite a treat to get to see a pair behind your house. It could be a pair that nests in the area. At that time of year they aren’t on eggs yet, so they don’t spend as much time at the nest.
    Larissa Smith

  3. Thomas Gallagher says:

    I saw one yesterday flying at me on Ramapo Valley Road in Mahwah on Wednesday January 16, 2019.