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Duke Farms Alumni D/99: All Grown Up

January 15th, 2019

by Larissa Smith: CWF Biologist

On Sunday January 13th, 2019 photographer, Bob Cook was taking photos of the ~20 eagles at a lake in a Mercer County park. He noticed that one of the eagles had a green tag on it’s right leg. After reviewing the photos it was established that the band was D/99.

D/99;1/13/19@ Bob Cook

D/99 is from the Duke Farms nest located in Somerset County. He and his two siblings grew up as a celebrities their every move being watched by viewers of the Duke Farms eagle camera.  The three chicks were banded on May 12th, 2014. Measurements showed that there there were two males and one female, D/99 was the youngest male.  All three fledged from the nest in June 2014.

chicks at Duke Farms nest 5/12/14. D/99 is in the middle.

Unfortunately, in August of 2014 we received a report that D/98, the oldest male, was found dead up in Maine.  He most likely died of injuries that occurred during a fight with another eagle. This most recent sighting of D/99 is the first report of either of the two remaining chicks. D/99 will be five years old in April and reaching the age where he will be looking for a mate and establishing his own territory.  It is always nice to know that a chick has survived to adulthood and most likely has come back to NJ to nest.

D/99 @Bob Cook

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5 Responses to “Duke Farms Alumni D/99: All Grown Up”

  1. Ben says:

    Very cool to see the youngest survive longer than one of their older siblings! What a great re-sighting by Bob!

  2. Clare Luisi says:

    Beautiful pictures, wonderful news! Welcome home 99!

  3. Jill Brown says:

    It is exhilarating to Id an eagle by the green NJ band! I know! Well done !

  4. Rose Joy says:

    I saw this sighting posting by a few photographers on Facebook; I am so thrilled to learn that this young Eagle has survived.

  5. Barbara McKee says:

    There are plenty of great potential nesting trees along the rivers between Mercer County Park and Duke Farms! Let’s hope D/99 makes his home here in central Jersey!