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Duke Farms Bald Eagles Hatch Two of Three Eggs

March 11th, 2021

by Larissa Smith, Wildlife Biologist

The two Duke Farms bald eagle chicks peek out from under their parent to catch some sun.

It looks like the Duke Farm’s nest will only have two chicks this season.

One egg remains in the nest bowl and is still being incubated, but based on when the second chick hatched, March 1st, it should have hatched by now. We won’t know for certain why the egg didn’t hatch, but one theory is that it was the first egg laid.

There had been intruder eagles at the nest and fights between the adults and intruders. At one point both adults were off the nest for 20 minutes while an immature was in the nest. Perhaps something happened to the egg during these incidents.

The egg will eventually get buried in the nest or shoved to the side. The adults are busy bringing food to the nest for feedings and both chicks are getting plenty of food.

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One Response to “Duke Farms Bald Eagles Hatch Two of Three Eggs”

  1. Frank Budney says:

    The two young appear to be getting enough food and chick number seems to be holding its own against the larger sibling. It seems this nest has had its share of intruder eagles. Is this a common occurrence at other nest or in particular this nest?