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A Tribute to Bobby “Twist” Jetton: 2020 Barnegat Light Osprey Cam

March 19th, 2021

by Ben Wurst, Habitat Program Manager

During the peak of my field season last year I exchanged emails with a kind man who reported terrapins nesting in his yard. He wanted to do everything he could to ensure their success. A couple weeks later Bobby reached out to say how much him and mom loved the Barnegat Light Osprey Cam and how “the birds generally wake her up before her alarm.” He also mentioned how she delayed gardening because “dad is due with a fish any minute now. I’m just waiting to note the time then I’ll go play.” She was contributing observations of prey deliveries for research we conducted at the BL Osprey Cam last summer.

I had a hunch that Bob would be interested in controlling the osprey cam, so I asked if he was interested. He replied “that would be awesome!” So I setup a login for him to access our network camera and begin controlling it. I then learned that Bob had experience with network cameras from working in security at casinos in Atlantic City. With that experience he made adjustments to the camera stream that made it much more smooth.

He also stepped in at the perfect time, when the young ospreys were fledging and much harder to keep an eye on. When I previously controlled the camera, it was mostly kept on the nest, but when Bob came on to help, he focused on anything in the area that was interesting. From following the antics of the young ospreys perching on nearby boats and utility poles to wading herons and egrets. There wasn’t an amazing sunset or sunrise that was missed. He was devoted to sharing these amazing views for the world to admire.

As a moderator of our YouTube channel, he also built a community of faithful viewers who chatted alongside the live stream. There he shared his love of nature and witty sense of humor. He helped build much appreciation for wildlife, especially the osprey family who he helped keep track of.

“His sharp wit, his humanity, his sense of justice and fairness, his deep love of Nature all combined to make him an exceptional personality. His devotion to the Barnegat Light Osprey cam was exceptional and he forged many friendships which we who are left behind will treasure. “Twist” has made the cam welcoming to all, amusing and informative, and he has made us all even more enamored of our beloved ospreys. He will be sorely missed but never forgotten. I thank you, Bobby, for everything you have given me.” – ella

“When I hear the name Twist it brings a smile to my face and I am reminded of some of his wonderful qualities that I was privileged to have known and experienced.

Totally committed to the Osprey Project

Wicked sense of humor

Intelligent and always willing to share his knowledge with others

Sincere and selfless – no matter how bad he was feeling he always wanted the best for all his chatters and the ospreys.

Terrific man who was kind, compassionate, sensitive, humble and empathetic”


Bobby Jetton passed away peacefully in late February and will be remembered for his contributions to document the intimate lives of ospreys. I am happy to know that he throughly enjoyed spending some of his precious time to help control the BL Osprey Cam. I only wish I would have met Bob sooner. The 2021 nesting season at the Barnegat Light Osprey Cam is dedicated to his memory. You can watch the cam live 24/7 and make a donation in Bob’s memory to help support it.

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One Response to “A Tribute to Bobby “Twist” Jetton: 2020 Barnegat Light Osprey Cam”

  1. Carolyn Foote Edelmann says:

    Very moving, moment-by-moment, in word and image and the saga of this remarkable human being. What gifts he’s left us! Deathless gifts. Thank you, profoundly.