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The 2021 NJ Eagle Nesting Season in photos

October 15th, 2021

By: Larissa Smith, CWF biologist

The 2021 New Jersey eagle nesting season was another good year for NJ’s eagle population. The final numbers and details will be available in the 2021 Annual Bald Eagle report published in December. There are over 100 eagle project volunteers who monitor eagle nests/s during the season. They are an extremely dedicated group who not only monitor eagle nests but help to protect the nests. Volunteers become familiar with their pairs and get to witness all kinds of eagle (and other wildlife) activity. I asked the volunteers to send me their one favorite photo from this season.

It was difficult for volunteers to choose just one photo, but the whole collection offers an impressive look into the lives of New Jersey eagles. Thank you to the volunteers for sharing with us.

Enjoy! (Click on any photo to view in slide show format)

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4 Responses to “The 2021 NJ Eagle Nesting Season in photos”

  1. Barb McKee says:

    Kudos to my fellow nest monitors! I truly enjoy seeing everyone’s favorite photos! I wish we had the time and gigabytes to see more!!

  2. Clare Luisi says:

    I truly think we all fall a little bit in love with “ our “ Eagles. Picking out a photo is like picking a favorite child. I love all my pictures and look back on them occasionally and still remember some different nuances that made them special.

  3. Netmouser says:

    Anyone have news on the Duke Farms 2 eaglets this season?

  4. Janice King says:

    Fantastic pictures!! We were lucky this year seeing Adult Bald Eagle(s) often and juvenile(s) a few times (at Sylvan Lake, Burlington Township, NJ).