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The 2021 NJ Eagle Nesting Season in photos

Friday, October 15th, 2021

By: Larissa Smith, CWF biologist

The 2021 New Jersey eagle nesting season was another good year for NJ’s eagle population. The final numbers and details will be available in the 2021 Annual Bald Eagle report published in December. There are over 100 eagle project volunteers who monitor eagle nests/s during the season. They are an extremely dedicated group who not only monitor eagle nests but help to protect the nests. Volunteers become familiar with their pairs and get to witness all kinds of eagle (and other wildlife) activity. I asked the volunteers to send me their one favorite photo from this season.

(more…) Online Cameras Peer into Nests of ‘Rock Star’ New Jersey Predators

Monday, March 18th, 2019

Story by:

Top: Duke Farms Eagle protects two eggs that are expected to hatch soon.
Photo credit Conserve Wildlife Foundation.
Bottom: Peregrine Falcons in Union County exhibit mating behavior.

Photo credit Union County.

A pair of American Eagles tend to their nest atop an 80-foot Sycamore tree at Duke Farms in Hillsborough, days away from the hatching of two eggs, while the courtship season has begun for a female peregrine falcon nesting on the roof of the historic 17-story Union County Courthouse in downtown Elizabeth.

The predators have achieved “rock star” status in classrooms and homes across the state and the country thanks to video cameras that have been installed on trees and within the nests of the birds by wildlife biologists, with live feeds available online.


Landowner Recognized…

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012
for his contributions to the NJ Bald Eagle Project

by: Larissa Smith, Biologist/Volunteer Manager

Landowner Robert Johnson with Eagle Project volunteers Earl and Mary Ellen Holton.

Landowners are an important component of the NJ Bald Eagle Project since fifty-six percent of  eagle nests are found on private property in NJ.  This year we recognized a landowner for his contributions to the project over the years.  Mr. Robert Johnson has had a pair of eagles nesting on his property in Cumberland County since 2003.  He has always been very protective of the pair and makes sure that they aren’t disturbed during the nesting season as well as keeping the nest observers updated on any activity that he has seen or any problems. He helps the volunteers by cutting the grass in his field so that they can drive in and park when monitoring the nest. This year when the volunteers truck got stuck in the mud at another close by nest Mr. Johnson came with his backhoe and pulled them out.

Mr. Johnson received a certificate of appreciation and an  eagle frame handmade by CWF biologist Ben Wurst  The photo in the frame was of Mr. Johnson holding an eagle chick during a eagle banding on his property.

On behalf of the NJ Bald Eagle Project we thank Mr. Johnson for his dedication to NJ eagles.