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A New Season of Wonder at Three Bridges Eagle Cam

December 8th, 2021

by Larissa Smith, CWF biologist

Three Bridges adult perched on tower December 5th 2021 by Lisa Romero

We are happy to announce that the Three Bridges Eagle Cam will go live on December 15th. This fall, the nesting platform atop the transmission tower received some improvements from PSE&G. The perches were moved for a better camera view and replaced with wood to provide better perches for the adults and a second wooden perch was added along one of the sides. A foam baffle was added to the microphone to help buffer wind noise. These improvements will make the platform better for the eagles as well as enhance the viewing experience.

PSE&G employees working on nest improvements

Three Bridges nest monitors have been keeping a close eye on the tower and surrounding area for eagle activity. On December 5th both eagles were seen perched on the nest tower. There haven’t been any sightings of the birds working on the nest, but it is still early. The pair didn’t lay eggs until February 24th last nesting season, so it’s still a few months away. Last year the cam wasn’t operating until the chicks were already six weeks old. So this year will be exciting to watch the pair from the very beginning of the nesting season.

Adults perched on nest tower December 5th, 2021 by Lisa Romero

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2 Responses to “A New Season of Wonder at Three Bridges Eagle Cam”

  1. Harold Fodor says:

    I followed the TB eagle cam last year after the eggs were laid as well as the other eagle cam over at the old duke farm estate in hillsborough. After HO5 was injured my brother & I donated
    to Raptor Trust for his care – he was released @ TB nest site 16 August. We watched his release on the RT website. Among the chat entries last year, I remember Lisa Romeros’name was prominent among them. I would appreciate it if Lisa or anyone who is regularly monitoring the TB site could E-mail me & inform us as to the updated status of all 4 eagles of that family – aspecially if HO5 did successfully reengage with his family & continue with his development. Thanks.

  2. larissasmith says:

    After the release of H/05 in August he was seen at the nest site a few times, but there haven’t been any more sightings of H/04 or H/05 since. They have now moved on and are independent.
    The adults have been spotted around the area and even perching on the nest tower.
    Larissa Smith